Anyang General International Co., Ltd (AGICO) specialized in manufacturing and supplying railway products, including railway fishplates, railway fastening system, and related rail fasteners for railroad construction. And with a history in resilient railroad fastener manufacturing, since 1958, AGICO has developed itself to a state-level and most competitive rail fastener supplier in China, especially with biggest DAILY rail clip and rail joint production capacity: 100,000pieces of rail clip and 100MTS of rail joints.

3 service systems for facility supply, transport and warehouse management, combined with 5 functional sectors including Quality Inspection Dept., Production & Technology Dept., Operation Dept., Financing Dept., and Administrative Office form a professional and orderly company structure. Besides, we also set up a mould processing center under the R&D Department and a product showroom to enable honorable guests to touch our rail fastener products closely.

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Quality Inspection
Guided by the principle of “Quality Goes First”, we have taken various quality assurance measures in each steps of the rail fastener production process, from procurement of raw material, manufacturing, delivery and after-sales service. For each product variety, we have specific quality control rules and manuals to follow, by the dedicated staff at Quality Inspection Dept. What’s more, we have a Testing Center with full sets of inspection facilities for each produced rail fastener product before shipment to any client. Facilities include including German direct-reading spectrometer, metallographic image automatic analysis instrument, automatic impact testing machine, magnetic detector, fatigue testing machine, just to name a few.
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Recent News
The Demand Trends of Asian Rail Fastener Market
The Demand Trends of Asian Rail Fastener Market

Railroad transportation has been relatively rapidly developing in many countries, which drives the development of rail fastener manufacturing. Today, we will have a discussion on the market requirements of rail fasteners in Asia....

Global View for Railway Transportation
Global View for Railway Transportation

Railway is an important service to global society and the transport backbone of a sustainable economy. We will have a discussion on the status and development of railway transportation around the world....

AGICO Introduces New Casting Production Line of Rail Fasteners
AGICO Introduces New Casting Production Line of Rail Fasteners

In the field of rail fastener manufacture, many products have to be made by the casting method, for example, tie plate made in china, base plate, rail shoulder, rail anchor, rail clamp, rail brace, just a few names to come....


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