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Rail Turnout

Rail turnout actual
A railway turnout, railroad switch or set of points is kind of mechanical construction to enable a train guiding from one track line to another, especially at a railroad junction. The railroad turnout can be considered as an instrument of a switch or a frog, which transfers the rolling stock from one path to another. As industrial railroads always bear lighter loads with slower speeds than that of mainline track work, industrial switches are installed with lighter materials or components.
Kinds of rail turnout
A turnout always includes a pair or linked tapering rails, also called points or switch rails, placing between the crossing outside rails. The switches are enable to move laterally into one of the two positions to guide the railway train passing from the just point blades to the straight track or diverging track.
Demonstration figure of rail turnout
Animated diagram to a railway turnout sample: the rail track A is divided into two tracks: B (straight one ) and C(diverging one).

We produce various types of Railway turnouts : such as simple turnout, lateral turnout, left hand turnout, right hand turnout, bilateral turnout, symmetrical turnout, symmetrical double curve turnout, symmetrical double turnout, symmetrical three throw turnout, three-way turnout, two-sided double turnout, just to name a few. Besides,We can produce others according to the clients special requirements.

Standard complete rail turnout

The specifications of railway turnouts are 612, 615, 715, 915, 618, 718, 918, 622, 722, 922, 624, 724, 924, 630, 730, 930, 938, 643 and other non-standard ones.

No matter you are seeking mainline turnouts, industrial tracks or light trackwork for mining or tunneling lines, we are capable of satisfying your needs with suitable turnout materials. In addition, mining or tunnel turnouts can be pre-assembled or mounted on steel ties beforehand according to customer need, or they can be shipped in components for easy assembly on site.

Production Workshop

Rail turnout workshop
workshop of rail turnout

Product List
Specific quality control rules and manuals are available, each steps take quality assurance measure.
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