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Steel Rail

steel rails

We are available to produce steel rails of various standards used in coal mining, main railway lines, factories, cranes, etc. There are light steel rails, heavy steel rails, crane steel rails, and over heavy steel rail.

UIC860-O standard steel rail/UIC54 steel rail/railway for UIC54

UIC 860 standard steel rail   Size: UIC54, UIC60
  Standard: UIC860-o standard/EN-13674-1
  Material: 900A/1100
  Length: 12-25m

BS11-1985 standard steel rail

BS 11 1985 standard steel rail  Size: BS50'O', BS60A, BS60R, BS70A, BS75A, BS75R, BS80A,BS80R, BS90A, BS100A, BS113A
  Standard: BS11-1985 standard
  Material: 700/900A
  Length: 8-25m

American standard steel rail

American standard steel rail  Size: ASCE25, ASCE30, ASCE40, ASCE60, ASCE75, ASCE85,  ASCE90, ASCE115, ASCE136, ASCE175
  Standard: ASTM standard, AREMA standard
  Material: 700/900A/1100
  Length: 6-12m, 12-25m

JIS E 1103/1101 standard steel rail

JIS 1103 standard steel rail   Size: 15kg, 22kg, 30A, 37A, and 50N, CR73, CR100
  Standard: JIS E1103-93/JIS E1101-93
  Material: According to JIS e standard
  Length: 9-10m

Australian standard steel rail

Australian standard steel rail  Size: 31kg, 41kg, 47kg, 50kg, 53kg, 60kg, 66kg, 68kg, 73kg, 86kg, 89kg
  Standard: As 1085 standard
  Material: 900A/1100
  Length: 8-25m

Other rail standard according to customers’ requirements.
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Specific quality control rules and manuals are available, each steps take quality assurance measure.
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