Nabla Clip Fastening System Components Introduction

Nabla fastening system is a safe and reliable railway fastening system that most widely used in Europe. In general, Nabla fastening system can be used in Tram, LRT, Metro, Main Line and High-Speed tracks. The special shape of the Nabla blade generates a dynamically stable toe load on the steel rails when the rail nut is torqued.
Nable Clip Fastening System
Components of Nabla Fastening System
Item Part Name Pcs/Set Types Material
1 Nabla Clip 2 Thickness: 4mm or 4.5mm 60Si2MnA/60Si2CrA
2 Rail Insulator 2 For Rail of UIC54,UIC60,50kg rail,60kg Reinforced Nylon 66 or PA66
3 Screw Spike 2 For Rail of UIC54,UIC60,50kg rail,60kg rail Grade 4.6: Q235
Grade 5.6: 35#
Grade 8.8: 45#
4 Nut 2 Can be customized Grade 5: 35#
Grade 8: 45#
5 Spring Washer 2 18.25x34x78mm 65Mn

Nabla Clip

A variety of different types of heavy-duty clips are used to fasten the rails to the underlying baseplate or Sleeper, Nabla Clip is mostly used in Europe. Others like Elastic Rail Clip, SKL Clip, KPO Clamp and Deenik Clip, also used in different situations.

Nabla clip in fastening system

Mechanical Properties of Nabla Clip:

  1. Material: 60Si2MnA or 65Mn
  2. Hardness: HRC51-55 Surface
  3. Treatment: Plain (oiled), Oxide black, Color painting or according to customers’ requirement

Rail Insulator

Rail insulator is installed between steel rail and rail tie plate, it’s used to adjust rail gauge and insulate the rail from tie plates and clips. It’s of the same use as a rail pad, but it is thicker than rail pad. And it can be used in E type fastening, SKL rail fastening and Nabla fastening system.
rail insulators for Nabla clip fastening system

Main Functions of rail insulator:

  1. Distribution of toe load over larger area on rail foot;
  2. Allow flexibility for use of different rail section on the same/common sleeper;
  3. Permits gauge adjustment in curved track and correction in alignment;
  4. Provide insulation between rail and insert.

E-type Rail Insulator

E-type rail insulator
E-type rail insulators are used in E-clip fastening systems, together with E-clips, rail shoulders and rail pads, whose function is to cushion the passing train’s stress onto the rail and make the rail back to position afterwards, similarly used as a rail pad under the rail track.

SKL Guide Plate

SKL guide insulated plate
SKL railway insulator are also called guide plates, it’s used in SKL fastening systems, combined with SKL tension clips, screw spikes, plastic dowels, flat washers and rail pads.

Nabla Insulator

Nabla insulator
Nabla insulator are also called guide plates, it’s used in Nabla Fastening System, combined with Nabla clips, Double head spikes, nuts, flat Washers and rail pads.

Screw Spike

The screw spike, also called rail screw, it can be used to fasten the ribbed base plates and sole plates to wood sleepers.It can be used to fasten the SKL Clip to rails and will obtain high clamping force. It has better fixing power than rail spike or dog spike, which lead to it’s widely using in many fastening system.

Ss series sleeper screw with standard UIC864-1

  • Types: Ss1/130, Ss1/150, Ss2/180, Ss5/150, Ss6/150, Ss7/180, Ss8/150, Ss25/160, Ss35/160, etc.
  • Grade: 4.6, 5.6, 8.8, 10.9
  • Material: Q235, 35K, 45#, 40Cr, etc.
  • Surface: Plain, Zinc, HDG, Color Painted,or according to Customer’s requirements.

3V Sleeper screw with standard NF F50-006

3V sleeper screw with standard NF F50-006
  • Types: V20-135, V23-115, V23-135, V23-155, V23-215, V26-115.
  • Grade: 4.6, 5.6, 8.8
  • Material: Q235, 35K, 45#, etc.
  • Surface: Plain, Zinc, HDG, Color Painted,or according to Customer’s requirements.

Double Head Screw Spike

double head screw spike
This is to fixes the rail together with the Nabla clip system. Mostly used in Europe and Africa.To meet the strict bending requirement, special raw material is applied by straightening it without any crack after bending 30 degrees or even more.

High Strength Sleeper Screw for Wooden Sleeper

AREMA sleeper screw with high strength
  • Standard: AREMA Size: 15/16×6-1/2”
  • Material: 45#
  • Tensile Strength: ≥120,000psi
  • Surface: Plain (oiled), Color painting, Zinc, HDG, or as customer’s needs.

Rail sleeper screws with big disk

sleeper screw with big disk for America market
  • Market: South America
  • Size: Diameter: 22mm &23mm;
  • Length: 115mm&133mm&178mm
  • Material: Q235, 35#, 45#
  • Surface: Plain (oiled), Color painting, Zinc, HDG, or as customer’s needs.

Rail Nut

rail nuts for rail fastening system
Railway Nuts can be used together with the track bolts. It can be assembled with the T bolt to fasten rail clamp with the tie plate or assembled with Fish bolt to fasten the fishplates together with the rails.

Rail Washer

AGICO Rail washer is available in single or double types and various sizes. As a professional rail washer manufacturer, we can supply many kinds of high-quality Spring Washers, which include single coil spring washer, plain washer and double coil helical spring. We procure high standard raw materials like stainless steel, mild steel and iron from reliable vendors to manufacture our rail fastening products. Our team of controllers inspects and supervises carefully to ensure that all our products are made based on to international quality standards and latest market trends.
rail washers for rail fastening system
Parameters of rail washer:
Types Dimension Material Weight (kg/pcs)
Spring washer Fe6(UIC864-3) ¢ 25 65Mn 0.09
Spring washer AREA67 7/8, 1, 1-1/8 65Mn 0.09 , 0.15, 0.19
Plain pattern washer 7/8, 1, 1-1/8 Q235, 35#, 45# 0.07 , 0.08, 0.085
Flat washer ULS6 47/23/4 Q235, 35#, 45# 0.041
Flat washer ULS7 50/25/4 Q235, 35#, 45# 0.042

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