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How much do you know about railway screw spikes?

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of railway fasteners, AGICO Rail can provide various specifications of railway screw spikes. Designed with high precision and processed under advanced technology, AGICO railway screw spikes are manufactured with high grade raw steel materials for almost the all specifications of railway screw spikes. With reliability, robustness and effective performance, railway screw spikes from AGICO Rail are widely used in railway engineering all around the world.
In general, railway screw spikes are used for fastening sole plates and ribbed tie plates to wooden railway sleepers. As to concrete railway sleepers, the railway screw spikes are used in combination with plastic dowel pressed in the concrete sleepers, indirect or direct fastenings of rails on concrete and wooden sleepers. The railway screw spikes may only be produced in a hot forming operation. The different shapes of the head correspond to the pass form of the respective spanner used for fastening and loosening of the railway screw spikes. Manufacturing railway screw spikes cost more than railway dog spikes, but railway screw spikes have many advantages, such as greater fixing power, approximately twice than that of dog spike and can be used in combination with spring washers.

1. Ss series railway screw spike according to UIC864-1

Ss series railway screw spike
Type Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg)
Ss5-150 M24×150 0.545
Ss8-140 M24×140 0.528
Ss8-150 M24×150 0.548
Ss8-160 M24×160 0.568
Ss23-160 M24×160 0.645
Ss25-165 M24×165 0.625
Ss35-161 M24×160 0.657

2. ASTMA66-87 Standard Railway Screw Spike

AGICO Rail can produce ASTMA66-87 standard railway screw spikes for USA market, the production technology of ASTMA66-87 standard railway screw spikes is cold bending 90 degree without cracks.
ASTMA66 87 standard railway screw spike

3. Railway Screw Spikes with Big Disk

Railway screw spikes with big disk are mostly used in South America and Africa. A taper of 1mm in the core and thread diameters towards to the point of the screw over the portion shown parallel is allowed, provided the tolerance on the diameter at upper end is not exceeded. The material for the railway screw spikes are complying with British standard N15-1961.
railway screw spike with big disk

4. 3V Type Railway Screw Spike

Sleeper screw 3V meets with NF F50-006, Grade 4.6 and 5.6. The mechanical properties are in accordance with NF F 500006, tension strength 700Mpa(min), elongation 12%(min), and cold bending 30 degree without crack.
3V type railway screw spike
Type Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg)
V20-135 M20×135 0.438
V23-115 M23×115 0.48
V23-135 M23×135 0.55
V23-155 M23×155 0.62
V23-215 M23×215 0.78
V26-115 M26×115 0.55

5. Railway screw spikes for wooden sleeper (high tension screw spike)

wood sleeper screw spike
High Tension Screw Spike
Tension Strength Yield Strength Elongation Reduction of Area Hardness
120,000PSI(min) 92,000PSI(min) 14%(min) 35%(min) HRC22-HRC32
Full size carbon steel screw spikes shall stand being bent cold 45 degree around a pin three times, the spike’s diameter without crack on the outside of the bent portion.

6. Coach Railway Screw Spike

Coach screw spikes are used for the mining industry in South Africa.

coach railway screw spike

7. DHS35 Railway Screw Spike

DHS35 railway screw spike, supports the use of the SKL14 rail fastening system

DHS35 railway screw spike

8. Round Thread Type Railway Screw Spike

round thread railway screw spike

9. Double Head Screw Spike

Railway screw spikes with two ends, fixes the rail together with the Nabla clip system. This types of screw spikes are widely used in Africa. We use special material TD16 to produce the railway screw spike to meet the bending test, bending 30 degree and straightening it, without crack.
double head railway screw spike

10. Timber Drive Railway Screw Spike

Tiber drive spikes can reduce installation and maintenance costs. The spikes are used for timber construction highway crossing planks and panels, bridge and trestle guard rails, motor car set-off, docks, etc. The washer head is single forged and the excellent holding power of threads provides tight installation. The spikes are easily installed, driven with a maul or pneumatic spike driver. They cannot be overdriven and are easily removed for reuse with a hand or power tool. The driven spikes are available for a wide variety of installations and maintenance of way, and meet with the standard ASTMA66-87, cold bending 90 degree without crack.
timber drive railway screw spike
Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation 2”
414Mpa 207Mpa >18%

11. Slotting Head Railway Screw Spike

Railway screw spikes with slotting head, as per UIC864-1
slotting head railway screw spike
AGICO Rail can supply various standards of railway screw spikes manufactured with international standards, such as BS, ATM, DIN and so on. AGICO Rail has extensive experience in the rail industry and a high level of expertise in this specialized field. Any quantity is viable, big or small. And we can offer a range of finishes including hot dipped galvanized, black, sherardized or self color for the budget conscious.
Product List
Specific quality control rules and manuals are available, each steps take quality assurance measure.
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