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AGICO RAILWAY is committed to providing customers with various types of high-quality rail products, light rail, heavy rail, crane rail, and other products are in hot sale. The 115re rail is a T-section flat-bottom rail manufactured according to the American standard AREAM 2016. The mass of the 115re rail is 56.9kg per meter, which is equivalent to 115 pounds per yard, so it is also called the 115 lb rail.

115 Re Rail Dimensions

115 Re Rail Dimensions
Type Head Width(mm) Rail Height(mm) Base Width(mm) Web Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/m)
115RE(115lb) 69.06 168.28 139.7 15.88 56.9
  • Length: 12m~25m
  • Grade: R260/R350HT
  • Material: 55Q U71MN SS 900A
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Type: Heavy Rail, Crane Rail
  • Bolt Hole Diameter: 24mm
  • Certificate: ISO9001:2008
  • Standard: ASTM, AREMA 2001

ASCE 115 re rail is mainly used in railway tracks, crane tracks, underground mine tracks as well as factories, ports, and other places. The 115re rail has always been at the top of the hot list of AGICO rail products and has won the respect of customers with its super high quality and fast delivery. In addition, customers who have TR57 rail requirements can also choose this rail product.

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115Re Rail Drawing

115Re Rail Drawing
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Rail Type: 115RE(TR57)
Nominal Weight(lbs/yd) 115
Standard Length 39', 80'
Standard Drilling: 3-1/2''×6'' or 3-1/2''×6''×6'' with 1-1/8'' dia. holes
Rail Joint Length: 24'' or 36''
Rail Joint Weight: 4-hole joint: 68 lbs/pr with hardware: 76 lbs/pr
6-hole joint: 102 lbs/pr with hardware: 110 lbs/pr
Rail Bolt: 1''×6''

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AGICO RAILWAY is a professional rail supplier in China. We have more than 60 years of rail manufacturing history and more than 20 years of experience in exporting railway equipment. In addition to 115 re rail, we can also provide ARMA standard ASTM A1 rails including 90RA rail, 132RE rail, 136RE rail, 175lbs rail, and so on. Our customers are all over the world, welcome to contact us for a quote.

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