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136RE rail is rail products designed and produced according to the American AREAM standard. Similar to 90lbs rail, 115RE rail, and 132RE rail, it can be used for railway construction of heavy rail and crane rail. The 136RE rail weighs 67.41 kilograms per meter, which is equivalent to 136 pounds per yard, hence the name 136 lb rail or 136 lbs rail. If you have TR68 rail requirements, you can also consider choosing this rail product.

136RE Rail Dimensions

136RE Rail Dimensions
Type Head Width(mm) Rail Height(mm) Base Width(mm) Web Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/m)
136RE(136lb) 74.61 185.74 152.4 17.46 67.41
  • Length: 12m~25m
  • Grade: R260/R350HT
  • Material: 55Q U71MN SS 900A
  • Weight: 67.41kg/m, 136 lb/yd
  • Scope of application: Railway Track
  • Secondhand or not: New
  • Certificate: ISO9001:2008
  • Standard: ASTM, AREMA 2001
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136RE Rail Drawing

136RE Rail Drawing
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Rail Type: 136 LB RAIL(TR68)
Nominal Weight(lbs/yd) 136
Standard Length 39', 80'
Standard Drilling: 3-1/2''×6'' or 3-1/2''×6''×6'' with 1-1/4'' dia. holes
Rail Joint Length: 24'' or 36''
Rail Joint Weight: 4-hole joint: 70 lbs/pr with hardware: 79 lbs/pr
6-hole joint: 117 lbs/pr with hardware: 130 lbs/pr
Rail Bolt: 1''×6''

The end face shape of 136 RE rail adopts a T-shaped section with the best bending resistance, which is composed of three parts: rail head, rail waist, and rail bottom.

In order to make the rail better withstand the forces from all sides, ensure the necessary strength conditions. In order to make the rail better withstand the force from all sides and ensure the necessary strength conditions, the 136 lb rail is designed as a heavy-duty rail with sufficient height, and the rail height is 185.74mm. The head and bottom of the 136 lbs rail are designed with sufficient area and height, and the thickness of the waist reaches 17.46mm.

The length of 136RE rail produced by AGICO RAILWAY is generally between 12-25 meters, and can also be customized according to customer needs.



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