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The 60 lb rail is typically used for light cargo or light rail transit lines, but can also be used for less frequently used rails. The 60 lbs rail is produced according to the American ASCE standard ASTM A1 and is mostly used in North America. 60 lbs rail can also be called 60 pound rail, which weight is 60 pounds per yard. The 60 lbs rail weight per meter is 29.8kg, equivalent to 29.8kg/m.


AGICO RAILWAY has decades of rail production experience and can provide light rail types ranging from 12 lb/yd (6.0 kg/m) to 90 lb/yd (44.6 kg/m), and can provide 6-12 meter lengths from stock, It can also be customized according to customer needs. In addition to the 60 lb rail, AGICO RAILWAY also offers 100 lb/yd and more American standard heavy rails and crane rails, 115 lb rail, and 136 lb rail on hot sale.

60 LBS Rail Dimension in mm

60 LBS Rail Dimension in mm
Type Head Width(mm) Rail Height(mm) Base Width(mm) Web Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/m)
60 LBS Rail(ASCE 60) 60.32 107.95 107.95 12.3 29.76
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60 LBS Rail Specification & Drawing

60 LBS Rail Specification & Drawing
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Rail Type: 60 LBS Rail (ASCE 60)
Nominal Weight(lbs/yd) 60
Standard Length 20', 30', 33' & 40'
Standard Drilling: 2-1/2''×5'' with 15/16'' dia. holes
Rail Joint Length: 20''
Rail Joint Weight: 13 lbs/pr with hardware: 16 lbs/pr
Rail Bolt: 3/4''×4''

Some Common North American Rail Sizes on Sale

  • 12 lb/yd (6.0 kg/m) ASCE Rail
  • 20 lb/yd (9.9 kg/m) ASCE Rail
  • 25 lb/yd (12.4 kg/m) ASCE Rail
  • 30 lb/yd (14.9 kg/m) ASCE Rail
  • 40 lb/yd (19.8 kg/m) ASCE Rail

Strong Strength Railroad Track Manufacturer AGICO RAILWAY

As a high-quality railway equipment supplier, we can provide you with a full range of various railway-related products, including various bolts, clips, other rail fasteners and various standard rail track products. According to the needs of customers, AGICO can produce light rail, heavy rail, and various railroad tracks with complete specifications. All items are sold at factory wholesale prices, with sufficient stock to meet customer delivery needs. If you want to buy railroad tracks, please look for the strong strength manufacturer AGICO RAILWAY.

Strong Strength Railroad Track Manufacturer AGICO RAILWAY
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  3. Our railroad tracks are made of high-quality materials such as Q235/55Q/50Q to ensure quality.
  4. Our products have passed ISO, CE and other international professional certifications.
  5. We are a professional railway track manufacturing enterprise, with a professional technical and after-sales team, follow up the whole process, and serves you 24 hours a day.
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