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DIN Standard Crane Rail | A45 A75 A120 Crane Rail For Sale

DIN standard crane rails are mainly used for port projects, container yards, warehouses, tramways and shipyards. More commonly used models include A75 crane rail, A120 crane rail, A150 crane rail, A45 crane rail and A75 rail. Due to its high efficiency, reliability and safety, the demand for the DIN standard crane rail is increasing in more and more automated container terminal projects that have been built or under construction. According to statistics, our company’s orders for crane rail A75, crane rail A65, crane rail A100 and crane rail A120 last year reached 30. As an important part of the entire crane system, the crane rail must be strong, and we have achieved this with the DIN standard crane rail.
DIN Standard Crane Rail

DIN Standard Crane Rail Dimensions

DIN standard crane rail types generally include A45 crane rail, A55 crane rail, A65 crane rail, A75 crane rail, A100 crane rail, A120 crane rail and A150 crane rail. DIN standard crane rail specifications items include crane rail sizes and crane rail weight(kg/m). You can check the crane head size, height size, base size and waist size in the DIN standard crane rail size chat. From A45 crane rail to A150 crane rail, the minimum weight is 43.1kg/m and the maximum weight is up to 100kg/m. Customers can choose different weight specifications according to their own requirements of the crane rail model. They all follow the standard of DIN 536, and different models have different crane rail sizes, please check the following crane rail size chart.

DIN standard crane rail size chat

Size Dimension(mm) Weight(kg/m) Standard
Head Height Base Waist
A45 45 55 125 24 22.1 DIN 536
A55 55 65 150 31 31.8
A65 65 75 175 38 43.1
A75 75 85 200 45 56.2
A100 100 95 200 60 74.3
A120 120 105 220 72 100
A150 150 150 220 80 150.3

FAQ on How to Order DIN Standard Crane Rail

We have more than 60 years of industry experience, can supply high quality A75 crane rail, A150 crane rail, A120 crane rail, as well as supporting German standard crane rail clamps, crane rail pad and other accessories. We have a professional team that can provide a variety of solutions for your crane project, including design consulting, construction guidance and after-sales service. We are committed to helping more crane projects complete smoothly. In addition to German standard crane rail, we also have other standard crane rail, such as ASCE crane rail and CR(ISCR) standard crane rail.

Crane rail A65
  • Q: How long is the service life of the crane rail A120 and crane rail A65 produced by AGICO Railway?
  • A: We have a mature supply chain and strong support from our partner factories, which ensures the longer service life of the crane rail A120 and crane rail A65 produced by AGICO Railway. The crane rail A120 and crane rail A65 service life will up to 15 years under normal working conditions and conditions.
  • Q: How long is the regular delivery time of German standard crane rails such as A45 crane rail and A75 rail?
  • A: Normal size German standard crane rail(such as A45 crane rail and A75 rail) according to the amount of delivery time is generally 1-3 months. The delivery time of custom-sized crane rails is generally 3 months.
  • Q: Can I customize the special size of the DIN standard crane rail?
  • A: We support the customization of special size crane rails. If customization is required, please provide customization details or drawings.
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