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GOST Standard Rail

As a professional global rail supplier, AGICO can provide you with high-quality GOST standard rails, such as P50 rail, P65 rail, P75 rail (also called R50 rail, R65 rail, R75 rail)and other popular models. Our rails are built in strict accordance with the latest GOST P51685-2022 standard and can meet the needs of track laying for industrial railway transportation tracks, coal mines, mining and other industries. The main models of GOST standard rails are shipped to Russia, Ukraine and other Russian speaking countires. They have been operating safely on heavy-duty and light high-speed railway trunk lines and some auxiliary lines for many years, and have received unanimous praise from customers!

GOST standard rail

GOST Standard Rail - A Representative of Excellent Quality

In the field of modern railways and rail transit, GOST standard rails stand for excellent quality, and reliable performance. As a company that has been producing and supplying high-quality rails for many years, AGICO is your reliable partner. We are proud to provide rails that comply with a series of standards such as the Russian national standard GOST P51685, used in railways worldwide. It has been widely used in construction projects.

GOST standard rails produced by AGICO are not only products but also excellent engineering materials that ensure the safety and reliability of railway systems. Whether you are a contractor, engineer, or railway operator, we can provide you with a wide selection of GOST standard rails to meet the needs of different projects.

Hot Selling Model GOST Standard Rail

We can provide you with various types of GOST standard rails, among which P50 rail, P65 rail, and P75 rail are hot-selling products in the Russian railway field. These rail models comply with GOST P51685-2022 standards and offer excellent quality and performance for use in various railway and construction projects. Let’s take a closer look at the features of these models:

P50 steel rail(Рельс типа Р50)

P50 rail(R50 rail) is a medium-weight rail, suitable for some lighter railway lines, such as industrial railways, short-distance railways, etc. P50 rail has good load-bearing capacity and stability and is widely used in track laying and maintenance factories. It is also suitable for medium and low-speed railway lines, such as urban rail transit systems.

P50 rail

P50 Rail Dimensions

Model: P50
Standard: GOST P51685-2022
Weight: 51.8 kg/m
Height: 152 mm
Head: 71.59 mm
Base: 132 mm
Area of rail section: 65.99 cm2
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P65 steel rail(Рельс типа Р65)

P65 rail(R65 rail) is commonly used on ordinary railway lines and is a common standard rail type. P50 rail is heavy-duty rail in terms of weight and has higher load-bearing capacity and pressure resistance. It is commonly used on high-speed and heavy-haul railway lines to ensure the reliability and durability of railway systems. P50 rails perform exceptionally well on long-distance railway lines.

P65 rail

P65 Rail Dimensions

Model: P65
Standard: GOST P51685-2022
Weight: 64.88 kg/m
Height: 180 mm
Head: 74.59 mm
Base: 150 mm
Area of rail section: 82.65 cm2
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P75 steel rail(Рельс типа Р75)

P75 rail(R75 rail) is also used in ordinary railway lines, but their load-bearing capacity is higher than that of P65 rail, making them suitable for high-speed trains and medium-sized freight. From a weight perspective, the P75 rail is an extra-heavy-duty rail that is usually used in projects with special requirements, such as high-speed railways, bridges, and tunnels. It has excellent strength and fatigue resistance and is suitable for a variety of applications with high speed and high strength requirements.

P75 rail

P75 Rail Dimensions

Model: P75
Standard: GOST P51685-2022
Height: 192 mm
Head: 74.59 mm
Base: 150 mm
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Other GOST Standard Rail

P43 steel rail(Рельс типа Р43)

P43 rail(R43 rail) is mainly used for laying tracks in coal, mining, and other industries, and can also be used for crane tracks. P43 steel rail complies with GOST 30165-94/DSTU 2539-94 standards.

P43 rail

P43 Rail Dimensions

Model: P43
Standard: GOST 30165-94/DSTU 2539-94
Weight: 44.65 kg/m
Height: 114 mm
Head: 70 mm
Base: 140 mm
Material: carbon steel
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GOST Standard Narrow Gauge Railway Rails

P18 rail

P18 Rail Dimensions

Model: P18
Standard: DSTU 3799-98
Weight: 17.91 kg/m
Height: 90 mm
Head: 40 mm
Base: 80 mm
Area of rail section: 22.8 cm2
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P24 rail

P24 Rail Dimensions

Model: P24
Standard: DSTU 3799-98
Weight: 24.96 kg/m
Height: 108 mm
Head: 51 mm
Base: 92 mm
Area of rail section: 31.79 cm2
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P33 rail

P33 Rail Dimensions

Model: P33
Standard: TU 14-2R-383-2004
Weight: 33.48 kg/m
Height: 128 mm
Head: 60 mm
Base: 110 mm
Area of rail section: 42.76 cm2
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GOST 4121-96 Standard Crane Rails

GOST 4121-96 Standard Crane Rails
Rail type b b1 b2 s1 s2 h h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 R RA RB r r1 r2
KP70 70,0 75,6 120,0 21,0 23,0 120,0 28,0 24,0 6,0 9,00 21,375 400,0 25,0 25,0 6 6 1,5
KP80 80,0 87,0 130,0 26,0 28,0 130,0 35,0 26,0 10,0 9,75 22,750 400,0 30,0 30,0 8 6 1,5
KP100 100,0 108,0 150,0 32,0 34,0 150,0 40,0 30,0 11,5 11,25 22,250 450,0 35,0 35,0 8 8 2,0
KP120 120,0 129,0 170,0 38,0 40,0 170,0 45,0 35,0 13,0 13,75 31,150 500,0 40,0 48,0 8 8 2,0
KP140 140,0 150,0 170,0 56,0 58,0 170,0 50,0 40,0 14,0 18,75 35,000 700,0 40,0 50,0 10 10 3,0

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