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Hook Twin Tie Plates

Tie plate, also named rail base plate or sole plate, the use of the tie plate fixes the entire rail fastening system and makes the track more stable, it is used to provide uniform bearing surface for the rail and can distribute the load to the tie sleeper to a certain extent, which prevents the rail from cutting into the tie and hold the rail to gauge to protect against undue wear to ties. In addition, using tie plate can lengthen the life of wood ties to a great extent.

Hook Twin Tie Plate

Hook twin tie plate (HTTP for short) is kind of tie plate used for turnouts positioned behind the switch bottoms. They are often used in pairs to a single tie to ensure the tie spacing.

1st AREMA hook twin tie plate (HTTP) producer of both 3/4’’ and 1’’ thick in China.

  • Available varieties for 3/4’’ think hook twin tie plate: L23, L27, L31, LR23, LR27, LR31, H23, H27, H31.
  • Available varieties for 1’’ think hook twin tie plate: L29, L33, L37, LR28, LR32, LR36, H29, H33, H37, H41.
HTTP for short Hook Twin Tie Plates
 Sole Plate Hook Twin Rail Tie Plate

Up to today, our leading customers for HTTP are in north America, especially US market, following AREMA standard, with 3/4’’ and 1’’ thick varieties most popular. We have an especial workshop for HTTP with modern production lines and we are capable of producing such products for 1000MTS annually.  

For the production, we have over 30 working staff only responsible for HTTPs, for every step,especially the hole making and hook making process, aiming to ensure final good quality. In addition, we have Quality Control Team for the testing and inspection in process as well, especially on the finished products, following strict quality rules and system. Because of this, we have never got any complaint or dissatisfaction from our buyers up to now.
testing and inspection

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