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Tie Plate

A base tie plate, also called sole plate or baseplate, is a piece of plate made by steel used between the rails and sleeper ties in order to enlarge the bearing touching area and maintain the rail in right gauge all the time. For wooden ties, a baseplate is always fixed with rail spikes or track bolts in holes on the plate.

At our production base for the tie plates, various types are available following standards of AREMA, UIC, BS and others, with either single shoulder plates or double shoulder plates according to customers’ requirements.

produced tie plate Workshop of tie plate
finished tie plate packing of tie plate

For the processing way, casting used to be most popular for both China and abroad. However, in recent years, rolling technology is rising up to produce tie plates in China, due to increasing such orders from international clients, especially America and Canada. Our company is the first company in China to try rolling processing onto baseplate production, based on our available rolling steel expertise, used for rail joint bar and gauge blocks. Up to now, we have successfully made out dies for rail tie plates for 11inches, 14inches and 14-3/4inch for both 5-1/2 and 6inch rail bases. Some more varieties are under negotiation with the clients as well. Based on this, we received 3 orders for rolling tie plates with total weight over 3,000tons.

Of course, tie plate production by casting and forging are also available at our company.

Types of railway tie plates we produce vary from 2holes, 4holes, 5holes, 6holes, and 8holes.

AREMA tie platehigh carbon steel tie plate
  • Size: 10-15inch long, for rails of 90RA-A, 100RE, 115-119RE, 132-136RE
  • Material: Low carbon steel/high carbon steel, equivalent of customers’ required materials.
  • Standard: AREMA
  • Processing way: casting, forging or rolling
UIC60 54 48 tie plate
  • Size: for UIC60, UIC54, S48 rails
  • Material: Low carbon steel, high carbon steel, casting iron.
  • Standard: UIC864-6
  • Processing way: casting, forging or rolling
GB tie plate GB JIS E1110 TIE plate
  • Size: for 50kg/30kg/37kg rails
  • Material: QT450-10 or other low carbon steel
  • Standard: GB, JIS E1110
  • Processing way: casting, forging or rolling
P50 tie plate
  • Size: P50
  • Material: Material: QT450-10 or other low carbon steel
  • Processing way: casting, forging or rolling

Other Types of Railway Tie Plates

Other types of tie plate
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