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What Role Does Adjustable Rail Clamp Plays in Railway Fastening System

No matter in railway transportation and other modes of transportation, safety is the eternal theme and a factor that should be considered firstly. During the railway operation, we should take measures to improve the security performance of railway transportation. In railway fastening system, rail clamps are designed and produced to ensure the safety of rail transport. According to the research, the advantage of using adjustable combination rail clamps is more obvious.
adjustable rail clamp in rail fastening system
Adjustable rail clamps can overcome the fault of traditional rail clamps. On the application, the traditional rail clamps are often directly pressed on the steel rail. After installation, we can't guarantee the rail clamp and steel rail have reliable contact. Some of the installed rail clamp can't to adjust the horizontal direction, so that in the normal loading or heat bilges cold shrink after rail longitudinal mobile after wear and tear, cause the rail clamp bolt looseness, plate rotation, the surface abrasion of the orbit and gnaw rail, even break the steel rail, thus can also affect the host wheel wear and the damage to the drive mechanism.
Adopting adjustable combination rail clamp can fix the rail track in the horizontal direction and adjust the position of the track horizontally. For example, QU80 rail clamp allows to adjust the space of the track laterally to 15mm. And the QU120 rail clamp allows the lateral spacing of the track to be adjusted to 20mm. Adjustable combination rail clamp also has self-locking function, which can fix the rail track reliably and prevent the track from deviation when it is subjected to large wheel pressure. The elastic force is used to fix the orbit in the vertical direction. That is the hot rubber on the rail head pressure tongue, pressure tongue using wear resistant, oil resistant, high temperature, corrosion of synthetic rubber.
The adoption of adjustable composite rail clamps can more precisely reduce the wear and danger coefficient in the precision, and at the same time improve the performance of its own use. For the track, it is also more secure and durable, which is also the main reason that the adjustable composite rail clamp can be applied on the track. AGICO Rail is mainly engaged in the production and sales of rail clamp, rail clips and other fixed rail parts. If you want to know more about the product, please contact us!

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