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Bailey Bridge

What is the Bailey Bridge?

Bailey Bridge

Bailey bridge is a prefabricated portable panel bridge composed of modular components made of standard steel alloy. Bailey bridge with simple structure, lightweight and short installation and disassembly time makes it particularly suitable for use in emergency situations. Such as sudden bridge collapse or destruction. It is also commonly used in temporary bridge structures. Prefabricated Bailey bridge is a multifunctional bridge system with high cost and efficiency. After decades of development, the Bailey bridge made of standardized prefabricated components, due to its excellent versatility and convenience, can be configured with Bailey bridge solutions of any span and load.

What are the Advantages of Prefab Bailey Bridge?

The prefabricated Bailey bridge was developed during the Second World War in the 1840s, and it has been applied to every corner of the world in just 80 years. Compared with ordinary bridges, prefab Bailey bridge has absolute advantages in terms of functionality and construction speed.
Bailey bridge stucture

Structural advantage

The truss structure of the Bailey bridge is composed of standardized components. Each independent prefabricated structure is called a Bailey panel, which is a rectangular structure composed of a set of cross-supported steel alloys. Because the specifications of the Bailey panel used in the same Bailey truss bridge system are basically the same, the Bailey bridge is like a Lego model, which is composed of Bailey panels and accessories of the same size. Each Bailey panel is connected with each other by pins or bolts. The modular truss structure makes the design work of Bailey bridge very simple, thus greatly shortening the construction period of the bridge.

Convenient advantage

Because the structure of the portable Bailey bridge is simple, and the modular Bailey panel components are used for assembly, it makes the assembly easier. The installation of portable Bailey bridge is simple. It only needs common tools and a small amount of manpower to complete the construction in a very short time. The modularization of the components also makes the delivery time very short, and the bridge construction period is very fast.
simple structure of bailey bridgesimple install of bailey bridge

Functional advantage

One of the greatest strengths of the Bailey bridge is its versatility.

  • Due to its convenience and short construction period, temporary Bailey bridge can be applied to emergency relief bridges, replacement of damaged bridges, etc.
  • Because of the portability of its material, it is often carried as a military portable bridge with the army's military materials, so that when the army moves, it can quickly build and dismantle temporary military bridges.
  • The Bailey bridge is simple and convenient to build and can be used as a temporary bridge. In some temporary activities and movie scenes, the bridges are mostly Bailey structures.
  • Bailey system components are also used in pedestrian bridges, railway bridges, slope bridges, gantry cranes, cast-in-place beam supports, and cross-sea trestle bridges.

Quality Bailey Bridge Solution Provider

Quality Bailey Bridge Solution Provider

We have Bailey bridge for sale. In addition, we also provide various pre-fabricated Bailey bridge solution designs. Our company started to contact the field of Bailey bridge in the 1990s, after decades of experience accumulation, now has developed into a professional provider of Bailey bridge can provide a full set of accessories and equipment and design the whole process of solutions. The complete portable Bailey bridge solution includes Bailey bridge design, construction, maintenance and transportation services.

We provide service of prefabricated truss panel Bailey bridge for sale and rental. We will provide staff training services to the customers who purchase the Bailey bridge. We will also send experienced engineers to the local area for bridge installation guidance and consultation to assist the customers with the correct installation and disassembly of the portable Bailey bridge.

Specifications for Berley Bridge

Type CB100 CB200 CB200A CB250
Design Span 6-60m 6-54m 6-60m 35-87.5m
Design Load HS25-44,Axle load 20t,track load 50t HL93,HA,HB,track load 60t HL93,HA,HB,track load 60t HS20-44,HL93,HA,HB,track load 60t
Panel Dimension 1.448*3.048m 2.134*3.048m 2.134*3.048m 2.4*5.84m
Carriageway Width(singal\double lane) 4.2m\7.35m 4.2m\7.35m 4.2m\7.35m 4.2m\7.35m
Deck Type steel deck\wood deck steel deck steel deck steel deck

Why Choose Us?

  1. The company has a large production scale and high output of prefabricated Bailey bridge products, such as Bailey panel, Bailey decking, end post, and the overall project inventory can reach thousands of sets.
  2. The truss structure Bailey bridge equipment production line has high technology content. The company introduces a fully automatic welding robot production line for production, which not only guarantees the quality of the product but also guarantees the stability of each accessory.
  3. Our company's Bailey panels and other products have passed the inspection and acceptance of the Engineering Research Institute, and are qualified to supply to the army.

Wide Applications of Bailey Bridge

pipe crossing bridge Gantry crane with bailey panel Cross sea trestle bridge
Pipe crossing bridge                                           Gantry crane with bailey panel                           Cross sea trestle bridge
Cast in place beam supports Pedestrian bridge Slope bridge
Cast in place beam supports                              Pedestrian bridge                                               Slope bridge
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