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Cast-in Railway Shoulders And Weld-on Railway Shoulders

The iron railway shoulders are cast in the concrete rail ties for fixation of elastic rail clips. In general, railway shoulders can be divided into two types, cast-in railway shoulders and weld-on shoulders, both two types of railway shoulders are used for fixing the elastic rail clips. As a professional railway shoulder manufacturer, AGICO Rail can produce and supply the two types of railway shoulders.
railway shoulders in railway
The railway shoulders of reinforced concrete structure should be classified into variable size. Railway shoulders and functional railway shoulders according to their functions. According to its material is divided into: steel Railway shoulders and other materials Railway shoulders; According to the action time, railway shoulders can be divided into: permanent railway shoulders and temporary railway shoulders. AGICO Rail specializes in the production and sales of various specifications of railway shoulders, materials QT500-7, QT450-10 and so on. In addition, customized samples or drawings are also available for railway shoulder production.

Cast-in Railway Shoulders

The casting shoulder is pressed in concrete sleeper and assembled with E clip in order to fasten the rail. The material we use is cast iron and the mechanical property and chemical composition of the rail cast iron shoulder are shown below:
Material QT500-7 Qt450-10 QT400-15
Tensile Strength ≥500 Mpa ≥450 Mpa ≥400 Mpa
Yield Strength ≥320 Mpa ≥310 Mpa ≥250 Mpa
Elongation ≥7 ≥10 ≥15
Hardness 170~230HB

Weld-on Railway Shoulders

Features of railway shoulders

  1. Designed for use with E style elastic rail clips, the weld on shoulder fastening allows customers to fabricate rail retaining units on both steel sleepers and steel base plates.
  2. The rail cast iron shoulders can also be welded on to longer length steel sleeper sections or bearers for use in the fabrication of switch and crossing layouts where vertical rail geometry is employed. The railway shoulder’s ability to be welded in the specific position as dictated by the layout design makes it particularly useful and cost effective in this role.
On the construction of railroad, railway shoulders are pre-installed in concrete rail sleepers. Railway shoulders are structural parts that are placed during the pouring of the structure and used to bond the superstructure. To facilitate the installation and fixation of external engineering equipment. Railway shoulders are metal components prearranged before concrete casting, which are used to connect ground fastening devices such as rail bolts and elastic rail clips. AGICO Rail specializes in the production and sales of railway shoulders for railway projects all over the world. Currently, railway shoulders are widely used in railroad projects. As to the materials for railway shoulders, railway shoulders are mostly made of metal, such as steel bar or cast iron, while wooden, plastic and other non-metallic rigid materials are also available for railway shoulder production.
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