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Chairs And Keys In Railway

Chairs And Keys In Railway

The chairs and keys in railway are important steel rail fasteners. Rail key is used in conjunction with the cast iron rail chair, and is often used for double headed rails or bull headed rails. Typical representatives include Panlock keys, spring steel keys, JBBH rail key, etc.

Main Function of Chairs and Keys in Railway

Main function of chairs and keys

The chairs and keys in railway can support and fix the steel rail very well. Double headed rails and bull headed rails are generally used for infrastructure rails. In the UK, the common fixing method is the cooperation of the rail chair and key.

Chairs in Railway Track

Chairs in railway track

Rail chair consist of 2 jaws and a rail seat. Web of rail is held in inner jaw of chair and a rail key is driven between rail and jaw of chair. Since the left and right jaw of the chairs are asymmetrically designed, it is necessary to insert a rail key on one side of the rail for reinforcement. The chairs in railway track are designed with three reinforcement holes, two on one side and one on the other side. Need to insert dog spikes or screws into the holes for reinforcement.

The function of the chairs in railway is similar to that of the iron tie plate in the ordinary rail fastening system, and both can support and fix the rail. The rail chair is installed between the rail sleepers and the rails, fixed with screws, and locked with a steel key. The train passes on the track, and the chair distributes the load from the train from the rail to the railway sleepers, so as to achieve uniform force.

Keys in Railway Track

The keys in railway is an important part used with the rail chair. The material of the key can be wood or metal. The shape of rail wooden keys is generally straight, while the shape of Panlock Keys and spring steel keys is a special curved shape similar to the letter W.

Types of Chairs and Keys in Railway for Sale

1.Panlock Keys

Panlock Keys

Panlock Keys, also known as Steel Panlock Keys, are used in the gap between the rail and the jaw on one side of the rail chair. With the reinforcement of Panlock Keys, the contact between the rail and the chair will be more closely, and the chance of the rail shaking will be less.

95lb BH Panlock Key

95lb BH Panlock Key Design Drawing

95lb BH Panlock Key Specification

Material: spring steel
Stock Thickness: 5mm
Standard: British standard BS427
Vickers Diamond Hardness: 370 ±30
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Panlock Keys for bull headed rail is the hot sale product of AGICO Railway. As an experienced Panlock Key manufacturer, our products have been shipped to the UK, EU and other places many times. Our factory has standard molds of Panlock Keys for cast iron rail chair, which can start production at any time, with large output and fast delivery, which can meet the needs of mass order production.

Panlock Keys in stock

Our standard Panlock Key is made of 5mm spring steel, which meets the British standard BS427. Its vickers diamond hardness is 370±30. The outer layer of Panlock Key is coated with red anti-rust paint, which can also be customized according to customer needs.

2.Spring Steel Keys

Spring steel key
Spring steel key

AGICO also have spring steel keys for cast iron rail chair. The spring steel key is also made of spring steel. Compared with rail wooden keys, although spring steel keys are slightly more expensive, they have a longer service life, ten times longer than wooden keys. Spring steel keys are more corrosion resistant and more popular.

3.JBBH Rail Key and Wooden Keys in Railway Track for Sale

JBBH Rail Key
Wooden key

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