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Overview of AGICO's shipments to the UK market in 2021

In 2021, the number of UK customer orders received by AGICO is on the rise. As of July, railway fastener orders for Coachscrew, E1809 clip, Panlock key, UK clamp bolt and other products and accessories have all been shipped.


The British railway market has always had a large demand for various types of coachscrew. This shipment order is 5-1/2'' and 6-5/16'' coachscrews. Coachscrews produced by AGICO support customization, and can customize embossed logos on coach screw heads according to customer needs. The customer customized the logo this time, embossing the "AS" and "M" logos on the head of coach screws. Coach screw detailed appearance design drawings and specific specifications are as follows.

coachscrewscoachscrew design details

Coachscrew Type: 6-5/16'' coachscrew 5-1/2'' coachscrew
Coachscrew Length: 160.34mm ±3.18mm 139.7mm ±3.18mm
Material: BS64, GB 699-88, 45# OR 35# BS64, GB 699-88, 45# OR 35#
Tensile Strength: 550-700N/mm 550-700N/mm
Surface Treatment: Hot dipped galvanised (HDG) Hot dipped galvanised (HDG)
Weight: Approximate 0.7kg Approximate 0.6kg
Elongation: 15% 15%
All dimensions apply before addition of protective coating

Other Types of Coach Screw for Sale

If you also need coachscrews products of the same specifications, please contact us. In addition to these two specifications of coachscrew, we also have other specifications of coachscrew on sales, such as M8, M10, M12 coach screws, and different length options, such as 100mm, 150mm, 200mm coach screws, and so on. For some coach screws with special specifications, please leave a message to our experts for consultation.

E1809 and E1810 Railway Clip

Recent orders for spring bars shipped to the UK include type E1809 railway clip (right hand) and E1810 railway clip (left hand).

E1809 railway clipE1809 railway clip design drawing

Series Type Hardness Material Fatigue life Surface
Elastic rail clip E1,E2,E3 44-48HRC
C:0.56-0.64, Mn:0.60-0.90, Si:1.60-2.00, Cr:≤0.35, P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03

C:0.56-0.64, Mn:0.40-0.70, Si:1.40-1.80,Cr:0.70-1.00 P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03

C:0.52-0.60, Mn:0.60-0.90, Si:1.50-2.00,Cr:≤0.35 P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03

C:0.35-0.42, Mn:0.50-0.80, Si:1.50-1.80, P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03
For Dia.18 is 3 millions cycles without breaking.

For Dia.20 is 5 millions cycles without breaking.
Plain (oiled), Oxide black, color painting or upon customer requirement.
SKL clip&
Forged rail clip
SKL1 42-47HRC
PR rail clip PR309 44-48HRC
We can also manufacture customized rail clips following your drawings or samples!

Panlock Key

Panlock key details

The panlock key is a steel rail fastener, which can be used to fix the steel rail in conjunction with the corresponding steel chairs. The model of this shipment is 95lb BH Panlock Key, which is made of spring steel conforming to the BS427 standard, and the thickness of the spring steel is 5mm. We also have other models of Panlock Key for sale, welcome to send inquiries.

95lb BH Panlock Key Specification
  • Material: spring steel
  • Stock Thickness: 5mm
  • Standard: British standard BS427
  • Vickers Diamond Hardness: 370 ±30

UK Clamp Bolt

UK clamp boltUK clamp bolt

In the field of railway fasteners, clamp bolts are used to insert into railway maintenance clamps and tighten with nuts to act as an emergency and temporary fixation of cracked steel rails. Details of the clamp bolt shipped to the UK are as follows.

UK Clamp Bolts Specification

Clamp bolt
  • Bolts BS1083 GRADE V
  • Tensile strength≥65tonf/in (989mpa)
  • Yield strenth≥52tonf/in (791mpa)
  • Elongation≥14%
  • Hardness 293-370
  • Surface Black
Clamp bolt lock nuts
  • Lock nuts BS1083 GRADE R
  • Tensile strength≥45tonf/in (685mpa)
  • Hardness HB201-271
  • Surface black
Clamp bolt flat washer
  • Flat washer material 45#
  • Hardness HRC38-45 
  • Surface black

In addition to clamp bolt and nut, we also have t bolts, u bolts, heavy duty u bolts for sale. We also have hot-selling bolts for different purposes, such as subway bolts, railroad frog bolts and so on. If you have any bolt requirements, please leave us a message, and our experts will serve you as soon as possible.

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