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The Use and Maintenance of Combined Railroad Frog

Due to special structure and improper use and maintenance after the installation, the combined railroad frog is easy to cause the wear and collapse of frog point, the spalling of wing rail, horizontal or triangular pits and other damages, and the failure of concrete sleeper, the breaking of transverse connecting bolts, spacer loosening, the wear and collapse of wing rail. These will shorten the service life, easy to cause the train shaking. The maintenance of combined railroad frog is needed to start from the foundation. The stability of foundation and the repair of rail surface are the premise. The comprehensive maintenance is the most effective means. Next, we will review the problems of the combined railroad frog and give you some necessary suggestions.
combined railroad frog

The problems of the combined railroad frog in use

Generally people have given high evaluation on the combined railroad frog about smoothness and good quality. Whatever its quality is just like, we cannot deny that the frog will gradually become bad with the use of time. The reasons include: one is the intensified impact from the acceleration of train speed; the other is in the improper maintenance method. The problems of the railway frog are basically shown on the following three aspects.

The wear problem of wing rail 

The most important problem of the frog after being laid is the wear problem of wing rail. There is no doubt that all of the frogs have such a problem.

The damage of the bainite frog point 

The damage of the bainite frog point is the second main factor that influences the service life of the frog. The damages of the frog mainly have two aspects: one is the malfunction of frog point caused by the impact acceleration resulting from the wear of wing rail when the train passing through the frog; the other is the emergence of frog spalling and the other defects. 

The broken failure of the transverse connection bolts and the failure of the spacer 

The combined railroad frog is different from the integral cast manganese steel frog. The transverse bolts should not be affected by the downward shearing stress. No matter how we tighten the bolts, we cannot avoid breaking problem resulting out of the fatigue under repeated impacts of the train. With respect to the problem, we propose to eliminate the overhanging phenomenon of concrete sleeper of the turnout to ensure stable foundation. By the increasing regular maintenance on the overhanging phenomenon under the concrete sleeper, we can achieve a certain effects with adopting the reinforcement measures of the harmful space. 

Other problems

In addition to the above problems, we must face the problems, for example, the electric wires are too thin to meet the requirements of electricity, and the end of the extended wing rail is not standard in space size. 

The maintenance problems of the combined railroad frog 

The maintenance problems of the combined railroad frog are to maximize smoothness and stability passing by trains. If the trains can smoothly pass through the frogs, the relevant damages will be reduced to the minimum. The direct reflection of the frog damages and problems is the comforts and stability of the trains.

The maintenance of the combined railroad frog

With respect to the maintenance of the combined railroad frog, we must timely have the grinding of frog rails and wing rails according to the states of transition surfaces of frog rails and wing rails. Because of vertical wear of frog rails, this will arouse changes of transition surfaces of frog rails and wing rails, which will bring about a downward drop in transition as the trains pass from frog rail to wing rail and cause the frog collapse and wing rail damage under a larger destructive force. To solve these problems, it is advisable to take the following measures for maintenance.
A. As the frog is worn, we should timely adjustment of frog height. Because the frog is connected with wing rail by the bolts, we can install nylon pad under the frog point, which can increase the height of the frog and slow down the wing rail wear.
B. To lower wing rail height. When the frog cannot be adjusted, we can replace the rubber pad under wing rail or withdraw the rubber pad of the parts of the wing rail without bearing the forces to lower wing rail height. That means that we relatively improve the height of the frog rail. Through it, we can mainly solve the smooth transition problem between. the wing rails and frog rails.  
C. To strengthen grinding operation. After laying the frog, according to relevant requirements, we shall have the periodic grinding operations to avoid the spalling phenomenon of wing rails and frog point. The fine grinding operations should also be applied on the frog joint and the other places that cannot be normally functioned by the forces.

Maintenance of frog sleepers

Frog sleepers, especially long concrete sleeper under the harmful space, are usually easy to get bend downwards because of improper maintenance. In the meanwhile, the frog point under the harmful space is also the place where it is not easy for sleeper tamping. This is main reason that may cause the breaking or loosening phenomenon of the transverse connecting bolts of the frog. 
People generally make the cobra tamping before laying the ballast at the frog place. However, a long time tamping maintenance is easy to form a new source of damage. When we check the tamping places, we have found that the ballast at the tamping parts may get into stone powder due to huge tamping forces. And the stone powder is accumulated and formed in the edge of the sleeper. This is main reason of bringing about the overhanging damage of the sleepers. 
In view of the problem, the ballast operation is the best solution. We should remove stone powder and re-lay the 4mm-8mm diameter of ballast to improve the stability of the foundation. 

Maintenance of guard rail 

In maintenance of guard rail, we must pay attention to the straightness of guard rail. Keeping straight of guard rail is to reduce guard rail wear and guarantee its smoothness. In addition, we shall do well in bolt torque management, keeping uniform. We can install rail anchor or rail gauge rod to fix guard rail to ensure space position.
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