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How to Choose Crane Rail Suppliers?

As we all known that it is very important to choose good crane rail suppliers if you want to buy high-quality crane rails. After you buy a crane, the manufacturer will recommend you a crane rail model that matches the crane. You just need to find suitable crane rail suppliers and purchase the crane rail from them. Sometimes the crane manufacturer may not provide a matching crane rail model or only provide the width required by the crane rail head. As a crane buyer, how to choose and design crane rail will seems very difficult. At this time, you need to choose a quality crane rail supplier to design and select the appropriate crane rail and accessories for you. They will also be responsible for inspection and installation to ensure the normal operation of the crane on the crane rails.
How to Choose Crane Rail Suppliers?

  • Does the width of the rail head match the wheel of the crane?
  • Can the thickness of the rail waist support daily tonnage?
  • Is crane rail model suitable for crane use and life expectancy?

Crane rail suppliers with quality assurance will evaluate the above issues for customers and provide you with quality technical support. The next few crane rail suppliers listed for you are very competitive all over the world.



Gantrail (Gantry Railing Ltd) is one of the world’s leading professional crane fixed products and crane rail suppliers. This crane rail supplier's biggest technical highlight is the development of the crane track flexible fixed technology. The crane rail flexible fixing system is composed of crane rail clip, crane sole plate and crane rail pad. It overcomes a series of problems such as the loosening of the crane rail clamp and the fishplate fixing bolt and the sinking of the concrete foundation caused by the traditional rigid rail fixing system.

As a professional crane rail manufacturer in crane industry, Gantrail products are involved in the industries including port terminals, crane manufacturing, steel mills, aluminum plants, power plants, shipyards, etc.



ArcelorMittal is a world-renowned steel manufacturer headquartered in Luxembourg. The annual production of the group is 130 million tons, accounting for about 10% of the world's total steel production. Crane rail is an important part of their business. As crane rail suppliers, ArcelorMittal offer crane rail and special sections, they also offer crane rail solutions for your crane project.

ArcelorMittal is a crane rail manufacturer and supplier. It has a mature steel supply chain and can provide integrated services from production to sales. It can produce crane rail products with European standards, ASTM standards, DIN standards and other special crane rails.

L.B. Foster

L.B. Foster

L.B. Foster provides products and services primarily for the railway, construction, energy and utilities industries. It is a leading crane rail manufacturer and supplier, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Crane rail systems are their part of rail business. The company's factories are located in the United States and Canada.

L.B. Foster 's new generation of integrated friction management and performance monitoring technologies further improves rail systems by improving track safety and operating efficiency. The technology maximizes the train's efficiency on the track and reduces the friction coefficient between the wheels and the track surface. Thus reducing the maintenance cost of crane rail.

L.B. Foster is one of crane rail manufacturers who can provide types of crane rails and accessories. ASCE crane rail such as 12lb ASCE rail, 20lb ASCE rail, 171 lb ASCE rail, 175 lb ASCE rail and crane rail accessories such as crane rail clamps, crane sole plate, etc.

AGICO Railway

L.B. Foster

AGICO Railway is a company specialized in steel rail and rail fasteners, including crane rail and accessories. As professional crane rail supplier and manufacturers, we have 60 years of experience.

We can offer

  1. All kinds of standard crane rail.
    • Chinese standard crane rail: QU70, QU80, QU100 and QU120 crane rail.
    • DIN standard crane rail: A65, A75, A100 and A120 crane rail.
    • JISE standard crane rail: CR73 and CR100 crane rail.
    • UIC standard crane rail: UIC54 and UIC60 crane rail.
  2. Crane rail accessories: crane sole plate, crane rail rubber pad, crane rail clamp.
  3. Design and installation of crane rail.

As crane rail suppliers, we are involved in a wide range of crane rail projects, including container handling bridges, coal dumpers for power plants, and various crane rails for steel mills. Crane rail types include bridge crane rail, over head crane rail, gantry crane rail, etc. In addition to product quality assurance, we have great advantage in the side of crane rail price. We have abundant iron and steel resources around us. We have our own iron and steel plants, and the labor cost is lower in China. These factors together determine our more competitive crane rail price.

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