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Conductor Rail

Conductor rail is a special power transmission system installed along the tram track and supplying electric energy to the train. Conductor rail is a form of contact net, also known as the third rail. Its function is the same as that of overhead conductor rail, which is used to transmit electric energy to the electric vehicle group. The difference is that the conductor rail is a special track set beside the tram track, and the tram receives electric energy by contacting it with the extended third rail contact shoe.

Conductor rail

As a practitioner in the field of the tramway, AGICO RAIL has witnessed the development of the conductive rail system. The company conforms to the development of conductive rail technology, and its products are constantly upgrading. The conductive rail material is developed from low carbon steel material to steel aluminum composite material. In addition to the traditional electric porcelain, the insulating support also developed epoxy resin, silicone rubber and other materials. The conductive rail protective cover is developed from wood board material to glass fiber reinforced plastic material. The installation mode of conductor rail has developed from the upper contact current collection mode to the coexistence of upper contact and lower contact current collection mode, and has the trend of developing towards the lower contact current collection direction. In terms of voltage level, the conductive rail system with DC voltage level of 1500V has been developed and successfully applied to the Guangzhou metro line.

Low Carton Steel Conductive Rail

Traditional conductive rails are made of low carbon steel materials. Because of its wear resistance, low price, simple installation, and stable performance, it has been widely used in the world in the early stage of the popularization of the third rail method. The main technical parameters of the low-carbon steel conductive rail system for Beijing subway tram tracks are as follows.

Technical parameters of low-carbon steel conductive rail system for Beijing subway tram tracks
Third rail model JU-52
Third rail cross-sectional area 6543mm²
Third rail standard length 12.5m
Unit resistance (at 15℃) 0.125Ω▪mm²/m
Insulator material Electric porcelain
Protective cover material Wood board
End elbow length 2300mm

Steel Aluminum Composite Conductive Rail

Steel aluminum composite conductive rail is a hot selling type of conductive rail sold by AGICO RAIL. Most of the overall structure of the steel aluminum composite conductive rail is similar to the standard rail tracks. Although some shapes are more complicated than the standard rail track, it is generally composed of three parts: the rail head, the rail waist, and the rail bottom. The material of the contact part between the rail head and the third rail contact shoe is generally stainless steel, and the main body of the rail is made of aluminum alloy. The thickness of the steel aluminum composite conductive rail stainless steel strip produced by our company is generally 2-6mm, and the chromium content of stainless steel is generally 17-19%. According to the requirements of different conductor rail systems, the cross-sectional area of steel aluminum composite conductor rail is 2750A, 3500A, 3800A, 4500A, 4700A and other specifications. Customers can purchase the conductor rail according to their own needs, or send an inquiry to ask our experts to configure the conductor rail with appropriate specifications for you.

Technical parameters of steel aluminum composite conductor rail with a thickness of 6mm steel strip.

Parameter name Unit Technique data
sustained current A ≥3000
Nominal cross-sectional area Aluminum track mm² 3850
Steel belt mm² 550
Overall mm² 4400
Calculate cross section mm² 4400
Unit weight kg/m 14.5
Modulus of section mm³ 108856
Elasticity modulus N/mm² 86387.5
Inertia moment (horizontal and vertical) mm4 Horizontal 21.5×105
Vertical 65×105
Surface hardness HB 155
Contact surface roughness   Ra: 6.3μm
Thickness of the steel strip mm 6
20℃ DC resistance Aluminum track Ω/Km 0.00814
Steel belt Ω/Km 1.31
Overall Ω/Km <0.008092
20℃ contact resistance of steel and aluminum mΩ/Km Rail end <0.015
200 from rail end <0.00081
Aluminum composite rail self-inductance MH/Km 1.021
Temperature coefficient of resistance Ω/℃ <0.004/℃
Linear expansion coefficient 1/℃ 21.48×10-6
Wear loss mm/one million time ≤0.049/70
Maximum temperature tolerance 100

According to different requirements, the steel aluminum composite third rail sold by our company mainly include C-type steel aluminum composite third rail, double-clad steel aluminum composite third rail, and outer-clad steel aluminum composite third rail.

Types of third rail

Conductor Rail System

Diagram conductor rail system

Diagram conductor rail system

The conductor rail system is the only power source of the tramway track system. Its main structure is composed of third rail, insulating support, end elbow, expansion joint, protective cover, intermediate joint, central anchor, electric connection and grounding wire. AGICO RAIL can provide a complete set of conductive rail system and structural accessories. Welcome to send an inquiry to tell us your needs.

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