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Overview of Conductor Rails and Accessories

Conductor Rails and Conductor Rail System

Conductor rails, sometimes called third rails, are rails that power various electric locomotives, including mainline locomotives, subway trains, urban light rail trains, and shunting machines used in factories and mines. Conductive rails have been widely used in urban tram rail transit in recent years due to its advantages of easy installation, easy maintenance, simple maintenance, and long service life.

Overview of Conductor Rails and Accessories

Conductive rails and other components together constitute the conductor rail system, jointly responsible for the transmission of line power. Compared with the road traffic, the conductor rail system has the advantages of no exhaust emission, low noise, independent roads and routes, convenient for centralized management, small footprint, energy saving and emission reduction. Compared with overhead conductor rail, the use of conductor rail system can also improve the utilization rate of land, thus greatly saving the land use area.

Composition of Conductor Rail System

The conductive rail system is similar to the ordinary rail system and also requires fasteners for connection. Conductor rail and conductor rail, as well as the conductor rail and conductor rail ramp are both connected and fastened by conductor rail bond and bolt. The conductor rail is fixed on the support structure composed of conductor rail insulator and bracket, and conductor rail anchor is installed on both sides of the support structure. There is an insulating protective cover above the conductor rails for protection.

Conductor rails

The main conductive rails produced by AGICO include low-carbon steel conductive rails and steel-aluminum composite conductive rails. Among them, the shipment of steel-aluminum composite conductive rails has grown rapidly in recent years. AGICO RAIL has more than 10 years of valuable experience in the field of railway conductor rail system, providing products and technical support to customers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Through strict quality control, our conductor rails are guaranteed to meet stringent standards from material to component performance. Our conductive rails follow our client's projects to different environments, whether tunnels or outdoor, cold Northern Europe, or hot African countries. AGICO conductive rail systems have withstood the test of harsh weather conditions and exhibited excellent performance, which has been highly recognized by customers.

Conductor rail bond

Conductor-rail bond

Conductor rail bonds are the main connectors in the conductor rail system. The conductive rail bond is used in conjunction with bolts for connecting the conductive rail and the conductor-rail ramp. In order to prolong the service life of the conductive rail bond, the joint part is generally insulated (insulated fish plate). After the installation is completed, a layer of anti-oxidant slurry will be coated on the surface to prevent the oxidation reaction from corroding the conductive rail joint.

Conductor rail ramp

Conductor-rail ramp

The conductor rail ramp is a special conductive rail with the landslide, which is generally installed at the beginning and end of a section of the conductive rail line. The head of the conductor rail ramp has a downwardly curved slope. This structural design can make it easier for the collector shoes of the tram to smoothly transition from the suspended state to the state in contact with the conductive rail. It can effectively avoid the collision loss of collector shoe, so as to extend the service life of electric collector.

Product features

  • The conductor rail ramp adopts parabola radian design and scientific slope curvature, which can ensure the tram collector shoe to go up and down the conductor rail smoothly.
  • Different length of conductor rail ramp is designed according to the speed of tram. Long conductor rail ramps greater than 4 feet are recommended for conductor rail systems used on high-speed trunk lines, while short conductor rail ramps less than 4 feet are recommended for low-speed lines.
  • The design of the conductor rail ramp can meet the needs of various types of train collector shoes, and can also provide customized services for special conductor rail ramp.

Conductor rail insulator and support assembly

Conductor-rail insulator Conductor rail insulator and support assembly

Conductor rail insulator is used between conductor rail and ground to prevent electric leakage of conductor rail. Together with other supporting components, the conductor rail support system is formed. Conductive rail insulators are made of thermosetting fiberglass reinforced plastics commonly used in railway systems with good insulation effect. The supporting structure components are made of prefabricated cast steel

Conductor rail anchor

The purpose of installing the conductive rail anchor is to prevent the conductive rail from moving in the direction of the line and to ensure the expansion and contraction of the conductive rail expansion joint.

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