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How to Design and Install Crane Rail

Crane rail design and crane rail installations are the important links in the crane project. With the rapid development of modern logistics industry, there are higher requirements for logistics machinery and equipment. As an important equipment for material handling, crane is more and more widely used in modern production process. It plays a more and more important role. The requirements for crane are also higher. In order to adapt to the rapid growth of industrial demand, cranes appear large and high-speed trend. This will inevitably increase the weight of the whole machine and the pressure between wheels and crane rail, and put forward higher requirements for crane rail design and crane rail installations.

Crane Rail Design and Crane Rail Installations

Due to the particularity of crane track, it is necessary to choose professional crane rail suppliers and service providers from the crane rail design, material purchase to the crane rail installations.

Crane Rail Design

About crane rail design, the service provider will provide more professional matching designs. As a consumer, you don't have to worry about the problem of crane rail material and crane rail size selection. The service provider will help you solve the problem of crane rail material and crane rail size selection based on the load of your crane and the matching degree of the track. You just need to find the crane rail suppliers to buy the crane rails according to their advice from the service provider.

crane rail design

In addition to the matching degree between crane load and crane rail, the following factors should be considered in crane rail design.

  • The crane rail design should consider the laying of rails under different environments and topography.
  • The crane rail design needs to consider the crane structure, and the double-car crane track design should be different from the single-car crane track.
  • Rail gauge factor should be considered in crane rail design.
  • Special sections such as crane rail bend should be the focus of crane rail design.

Crane Rail Installations

When the crane is running on the track, it will produce longitudinal or lateral forces. The crane rail is subjected to an oblique thrust, and a biasing displacement occurs. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to reliably fix the rail. At this point, the crane rail installations reliability is particularly important. In addition to reliability, the crane rail installation should also consider applicability. Different crane rail installation methods can be selected according to different installation environments.
crane rail installations

Crane rail installation procedure

  1. Drilling pre-embedded anchor bolts
    The anchor bolt is used for the subsequent fixing of the iron sole plate.
  1. Lay iron sole plate
    Lay iron sole plates on crane track subgrade and fix it with anchor bolts.
  1. Crane rail clips welding
    Weld the base of the crane rail clip on the iron sole plate.
  1. Crane rail welding
    Crane rail welding generally carried out by thermite rail welding method. Crane rail sections are connected by welding.
  1. Crane rail alignment procedure
    Align rail with crane rail alignment tools to make crane rail alignment tolerances meet crane rail installation requirements.
  1. Complete the fixing of the crane rail clips
    Place the bolt in the hole in the base. Install rail clip, flat washer and nut to make the crane rail clip close to the rail. The crane rail installation is completed.

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