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Different Materials for Railway Gauge Rods

Railway gauge rods are widely used on railway switch section. The function of railway gauge rod is to prevent the longitudinal stretching of steel rail and keep the track distance. Railway gauge rod is used to link two steel rails together with one rod, which is used to improve the lateral stability of the rail and improve the track's ability to maintain rail track distance. In the railway system, lacking of railway gauge rod will lead to rail track gauge deviation, even worse cause serious railway accident, such as train derailment, train overturning and other unthinkable consequence.
insulated railway gauge rod in railroad

Different Materials for Railway Gauge Rod

According to the material, railway gauge rods can be divided into common railway gauge rod and insulated railway gauge rod. The common railway gauge rod are generally set on the railway switch area at the turning point. The tensile force of railway gauge rod can prevent the steel rails from outward expanding. The middle insulation of insulated railway gauge rod ensures the technical requirements of insulated railway track. Some railway lines have track circuits, and insulated railway gauge rods can protect these circuits well. Compared with common railway gauge rod, insulated railway gauge rods are widely used in railway track circuit section, for its structure features, like rational design, simple structure and reliable performance. The connection of the insulated track rod is covered with an insulating coat. In addition, the ends of two railway gauge rods and the inner holes are all have devices for connecting with each other.
insulated railway gauge rods and common type railway gauge rods
To sum up, the two different materials of railway gauge rods have different purposes in railway system. As an important part of railway system, high quality railway gauge rods can keep certain rail track distance and make the railway transportation safe and smooth. As a professional railway fastener manufacturer, AGICO Rail can produce and supply different materials railway gauge rods with high quality. The railway gauge rods made from AGICO Rail can suit different railway standards, such as GB, DIN, AREMA and UIC. If you are interested in railway gauge rods, please contact us soon, we can supply high quality railway gauge rods and full-service for railroad construction.
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