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What Are the Storage And Transportation Requirements for Elastic Rail Clips?

Elastic rail clip is used to fasten steel rails in railway fastening system, so it needs to hold a sufficient pressure and enough strength. On the production process of elastic rail clips, it’s important to guarantee the quality of the elastic rail clip, and elastic rail clips made from AGICO Rail have all passed strict inspection in production. After installed correctly, high quality elastic rail clip fastener would be pressed on the rail, which can effectively ensure the reliable connection of steel rails. So with that being said, rail fastening system with high quality elastic rail clip can reduce the relative motion of the train vehicle and the steel rail, ensure the normal gauge and guarantee the safe running of the train vehicle.
 storage and transportation requirements of elastic rail clips

Storage And Transportation Requirements for Elastic Rail Clips

  1. The storage of elastic rail clips should be in principle. Set up a clean, dry, ventilated, facilitate hoisting and transiting warehouse with good conditions according to the properties and characteristics of rail clip. Besides, some rubber or plastic rail fastener components, such as rail pad, insulated plastic dowel and rail insulators should also be put away from direct sunlight, heat source and chemical reagent.
  2. The rail clip products should be correctly ordered and neatly stacked. When placing the rail clips, detailed marks should be added, including the manufacturer, standard, quantity, arrival time and distribution section.
  3. When rail clips are stored in the open air of the construction site, moisture-proof and sun-proof are also important. The rail clip product needs to be separated from the ground by boards and covered by tarpaulin to prevent the product from being wet or corroded by rain soaking, and the rubber parts should not be exposed to the sun.
  4. After the rail clip products are delivered to the construction site, we should arrange special personnel to manage the rail clips. He has to record the sending and receiving deposit. Rough handling and throwing are strictly prohibited during the handling process.
As an important part of railway track, elastic rail clip storage requires to be carried out according to the requirements, avoiding the hidden danger of railway transportation caused by untimely replacement of rail clips. In order to keep the high-quality performance of the elastic rail clips., elastic rail clips are also need to put away from oil or organic solution in the course of transit, which prevents the corrosion of rubber railway components. As a professional manufacturer of rail clips, AGICO Rail can provide quantity of elastic rail clips for  railway construction, orders welcome!

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