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Features And Manufacturing Process of Rail Retainer

As a professional rail fastener manufacturer, AGICO Rail can produce various types of fasteners according to different technical requirements and application environments. In practical application, we also need to choose rail fasteners that can meet the criterion to guarantee the quality of railroad construction.
rail retainer in rail fastening system
Rail retainer, or called rail clamp, is mainly used in railway system for steel rail fixation. In this paper, we will give you introduction to rail retainer, the rail retainer manufacturing process and the characteristics and standards of rail retainers.

Welded rail fastener is also known as welded rail retainer, consists of 7 parts: upper cover plate, base plate, adjustment plate, bolt, nut, flat washer and spring washer. Welding the base of rail retainer and the crane beam, the type of welding rod should be adapted to the material of the connecting piece. If using Q235 and Q345 steel, E4315 and E5015 welding electrodes are used respectively.

crane rail retainer

Materials and Manufacturing Standards for Rail Retainers

  • Cover plate, base plate and adjusting plate are ZG270-500. Material complies with the requirements of 5676-85. Adopt wax loss precision casting. Level II quantity, size deviation in accordance with jz67-2ii precision.
  • Bolts and nuts are defined as Q235BF steel parts, mechanical properties and chemical composition GB700-88, surface accuracy of bolts is 12.5, and nuts meet the requirements of GB6170-86.
  • The flat washer is Q235AF steel and the production requirements are in accordance with the provisions of GB97.1-85
  • The spring washer is made of 65Mn or 60Si2Mn steel and the material meets the requirements of 1222-84. Accord with GB93-87.
During the production process of rail retainer, the product quality of rail retainer should be guaranteed only in strict accordance with relevant standards of railway industry. At the same time, with the standard construction, the service life of the rail retainer will be guaranteed. If you have any doubts about the rail retainer products and use of the rail retainer, please feel free to contact us.
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