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Functions of Elastic Railway Clips

As one of the common railway fasteners in rail fastening system, elastic railway clips are made of forged spring steel and have many applications in railroad. No matter as a part of railway fastening system or as a railway fastener, elastic railway clips are used together with other railway components, such as rail spike, rail tie plate, rail pad and rail plastic dowel. In the railway fastening system, the main function of railway clip is fastening railway sleeper and steel rail together. The railway clip is considered as one of the best ways to ensure that steel rails not move, bend, warp, or rot. There are data shows that each elastic railway clip can bear about two tons of force upon a railway track.
 elastic railway clip in railway line
In railway system, steel rails have the function to support the locomotive direction of train vehicles. And the elastic railway clip is the part to fasten the steel rails on the railway sleepers.
Through bending and deformation, elastic railway clips can fasten the steel rails, and prevent the horizontal and vertical movement of the rails. Elastic railway clip can keep the certain rail gauge, which insures the safety of railway transportation. Because of the rigid contact of steel rails and wheels, inevitable vibrations generated. While the elastic railway clip can reduce the vibration and absorb the impact energy. Elastic railway clips often work under repeated and alternating stresses, they should bear bending, torsion, fatigue and corrosion. When the train vehicle passing through, elastic railway clips should sustain transient impact.
elastic railway clip in rail fastening system
Because of the differences in climate and environment, the standards of elastic railway clips are varied all around the world. In general, elastic railway clips with low fasten pressure and high stretchable are suitable for heavy railway line and high-speed railway line. While in seamless railway line of viaduct, in order to reduce the force of the steel rail and the bridge, the fastener resistance required to be small, the resilience of elastic railway clips should be high and the stiffness should be low. All these features minimize the fasten pressure loss caused by the compression of the underlayer of the steel rail when the train passes, and ensure the fastener not loose.
Although the elastic railway clip is only a small railway component, but it also plays an important part in railway fastening system. The reliability of elastic railway clips has direct influence on the safety of railway transportation. So that, we should make sure the quality of elastic railway clips. With the rapid development of railway industry in recent years, the market demand for elastic railway clips is increasing gradually, and the quality requirements for elastic railway clips is higher and higher. Elastic railway clip is one of our main railway products, we can recommend and provide suitable and practical elastic railway clips according to the special requirements of customers!

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