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Grooved Rail

Grooved rail (also known as girder rail) is a common tram rail used by modern tram. The groove rail used in modern tram system is embedded in urban road, and its laying method is similar to that of standard railway. The whole line of modern tram rail is usually laid by grooved rail. The grooved rail line has many curved sections and a small turning radius, with a minimum radius of only 25m. The bifurcation part of the line adopts the connecting way of groove rail and groove rail turnout. The finished grooved rail is poured with hard materials such as asphalt and concrete to make it flush with the road surface.

Grooved rail

As a mature streetcar rail, the girder rail can ensure the smooth and stable operation of the tram, and at the same time satisfy the need for social vehicles to pass through without being affected.

Grooved Rail VS Standard Rail

The basic structure of the grooved rail is basically the same as that of the standard rail, which is composed of railhead, rail web and rail foot. However, the railhead of the grooved rail is special, which is bifurcated. There is a guard rail on the other side of the railhead, and a groove is sandwiched between the guard rail and the railhead. When the tram is running, the main part of the wheel is pressed against the railhead of the grooved rail, and the protruding part of the edge of the wheel is stuck in the groove and is supported by the guard rail to prevent the wheel from derailing.

Standard railGroove rail
Standard rail with wheelGroove rail with wheel

Types of Groove Rail

The grooved rails we produce all comply with the EN 14811 standard, and are divided into G and R series according to different tolerances. Users should choose the appropriate model according to their needs, because these will affect the adjustment of the track width, the interaction between the embedded material and the grooved rail, and the contact performance between the track and the wheel.

G: 54G1 (41GPU), 54G2 (Ri54G2), 54G4 (41GPi), 55G3 (41GP13),
R: 51R1 (Ri52), 53R1 (Ri53), 54R1 (41GPU), 55R1 (Ri55NK), 57R1(Ph37), 59R1 (Ri59), 59R2 (Ri59N), 60R1 (Ri60), 60R2 (Ri60N), 62R2 (Np4aS), 62R1 (NP4aM)

Grooved Rail Specification
Model Weight(kg/m) Head width(mm) Groove width(mm) Height(mm) Foot width(mm) Web thickness(mm) Total head width(mm)
  . C1 C2 H B E C
51R1 51.37 55.83 42.35 130.00 150.00 12 113.00
54G1/54R1 54.26 56.16 41.09 152.50 141.50 13 116.82
54G2 54.55 55.91 41.55 152.50 141.50 13 116.60
54G4 50.09 56.22 40.83 152.52 141.50 13 116.82
55G3 55.27 55.61 40.18 152.50 141.50 13 116.82
55R1 55.45 56.00 36.00 150.00 150.00 12 113.00
57R1 56.54 51.92 60.46 182.00 150.00 11 127.00
60R2 59.75 55.83 36.35 180.00 180.00 12 116.00
62R1 54.77 56.03 34.44 180.00 180.00 12 116.00

Welding of Groove Rails (Thermite Welding and Flash Welding)

The connection between groove rails, in addition to the use of fish plate and bolt connection, another way is steel rail welding connection. The welding methods of groove rail mainly include thermite welding and flash welding. Thermite welding is mainly used for embedded ballastless groove rails, while flash welding is mainly used for single block sleeper ballastless groove rails.

Grooved rail thermite welding operation process

Rail sawing ->Rust removal before welding ->Connection of two parts tracks -> Preheat -> Welding -> Push tumor after welding -> Fine grinding

Grooved rail thermite welding operation process
Grooved rail thermite welding operation process

Due to the asymmetric cross-section of the girder rail, the welding process of the girder rail is complex, the technical requirements are high, and the welding is difficult. Compared with standard steel rails, more sophisticated welding techniques are required. Our company has cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences to cultivate a team that has mastered the key control technology of CWR with girder rail. In recent years, our team has provided customers with welding services and trained welding technicians many times, and has been well received by customers.

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