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Rail track on a railroad or railway, also known as the permanent way, is the structure that consists of the steel rails, rail fasteners, railway ties (rail sleepers) and ballast (or slab track), plus the underlying subgrade. It enables trains to move by providing a dependable surface for their wheels to roll upon. For clarity it is often referred to as steel rail or railroad track. Steel rails where electric trains or electric trams run are equipped with an electrification system such as an overhead electrical power line or an additional electrified rail.

Railway rails are made of high manganese steel. High manganese steel is one of the main anti-wear materials. The grinding media steel balls in industrial ball mills are made of high manganese steel. Therefore, the rail made of high manganese steel is hard and tough.

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Our technical team is available to provide advice and support for steel rail production, helping you to optimize your rail selections to minimize life cycle costs. Steel rail products and grades can be matched precisely to track conditions, track types, environmental conditions and a host of other variables to ensure that every steel rail we deliver provides optimum performance throughout its service life.
We offer a wide range of steel rail products for global railway applications, combined with vast experience of supplying railway track for sale worldwide.
Our innovations continue to deliver longer in-service life of steel rail products, reducing maintenance and renewal costs for our customers.
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We combine dedicated customer service with world-class design and technical consultancy to develop and deliver high quality steel rail solutions that add value to your business.
We have developed many partnering relationships and have become a strategic supply chain partner to many organizations around the world. We aim to work proactively with industry colleagues, developing innovative solutions to business and engineering issues.
A commitment to technological innovation enables the business to offer total customer solutions built on AGICO Rail's core strengths of metallurgy and manufacturing excellence. In addition, our expertise in research and development on steel rail production is well recognized in the rail industry.
The wide spectrum of track and traffic conditions found in the modern railway environment is matched by our comprehensive range of steel rail products. By working in partnership with our customers we can ensure that our steel rail products fulfil the demands of the international railway industry.

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