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Our Hot-sale Rail Product: Various Standards of Fish Plates

Currently, our hot-sale products of rail fish plate include:

  1. AREMA fish plates: 115RE, 132RE, 100-8RE (normal and Offset models are ASCE85).
  2. UIC series of fish plates: UIC54, UIC60. Fish plate must be matched with national rails 
  3. Other: S49
  4. Special fish plates (for example, compromise joint bar): American Standard 132-136RE, GB P43-50

A fishplate is a special metal plate used to join two steel rails by a number of bolts or nails passing through both the rail and plate. It is popularly called rail joint bar in North America. Thus, we can know that a fish plate is closely relevant with train track. In fact, it imparts a sturdy mechanical joint that requires little or no profile modification of the steel rails. As we know, a fish plate is typically made of steel, but other materials such as plastics and composites may make it have additional flexibility in its range of use.

hot-sale rail fish plates


In tradition, a fish plate is used to join sections of steel rails and formed to fit into the track. It is drilled with a number of holes that are repeated on the ends of the sections to be joined. When the ends of two rails have been correctly connected, the holes in the fish plate are inserted and tensioned by the bolts. The upper and lower edges of the fish plate are often beveled to make it to wedge itself into the rail profile as it is being tightly screwed, making for a more secure joint. This method of joining components of train track doesn’t need to weaken the material to accomplish the joint.

A fish plate is produced with a range of shapes for steel rails in different heights. When railroad tracks by electric traction or with separate circuits are connected, a cable bridge piece is often added to keep sure of electrical continuity. Some fish plates also combine a flange or others to extend the lower edge of the rail to keep attachment to the concrete or wooden sleepers which are used to support the rails. This is usually jointed with bolts or special spikes passing through holes in the flange.

The type of joint of using fish plates can not only connect railroad tracks, but also be used in other structures in a similar way to steel rail joints. Fish plate joints can be made of plastic and composites that can work well when connecting similar materials as they have the flexible nature of the joined components.


There are insulted fish plate and non-insulated fish plate, glued fish plate and non-glued fish plate and bolted fish plate and non-bolted fish plate in the world. Next, we will introduce some typical fish plates. 

Bolted insulated rail fish plate

A bolted insulated rail fish plate (Non-glued type) usually consists of two coated insulated joint bars, thimbles and bolts to provide electrical circuit isolation.

Glued bolted insulated rail fish plate

A glued bolted insulated rail fish plate is similar to non-glued type except its shape that is to fit the rail to allow the plate to be glued to the web of the rail. The glued joint can provide a longitudinal connection at the rail ends to withstand a rail joint pull-apart in CWR. It can carry the forces by the insulated fish plates without depending on the shear forces on the bolts.
In light rail systems, it is used just for the sharp curves for restraining rail, maintenance, etc. 

4-hole fish plate and the 6-hole fish plate

Rail fish plate consists of two joint bars on each side of the rail and a number of rail bolts with spring washers and heavy square nuts. When the standard varies, there are basically two general standards: the 4-hole fish plate and the 6-hole fish plate.
The various railroads have different rail drilling spacing and numbers for the bolt holes. Over the years, rail drilling spacing is also standardized. 

Compromise fish plate

Compromise fish plate is one of rail accessories involved in railway applications that fix different sections of rail together while keeping the gauge and meanwhile keeping the alignment of rail surfaces.

Compromise fish plate is a special kind of rail fish plate. Compromise fish plate is needed to connect two dissimilar rail sections. It is machined or forged to the shape necessary to connect two dissimilar rails. The shape allows both rails to align at the top of rail and the gauge face of both rails.

Due to designed different shapes, it can be divided into right hand installation and left-hand installation. The designation is defined by the position of the larger rail as seen from the center of the track. To cope with the use of bolted compromise joints in the tracks on main railway lines, the welding method of connecting the two dissimilar rails is usually considered when the tracks are almost identical. Currently the thermite weld tools are used for this situation. A recent design is to use a compromise rail block. The compromise block is welded into the track to provide a non-bolted connection. 

As suggested by the name, it can help adjust the special connection through its design. For rail Products used in North American, there is a wide selection of compromise fish plates, whatever type of compromise fish plate can be made as the standard in China. 

AGICO Group owns rich experience and advanced equipments in manufacture industry of rail fish plate. Now we have manufactured many rail fish plate for foreign clients and stored many ready-made models. In addition, we can make various customized rail fish plates in strict accord with different standards or according to the drawings and requirements of clients.

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