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Functions And Features of Rail Clamp in Rail Fastening System

As an important part of rail fastening system, rail clams are often used in reinforced concrete crane rails in industrial premises and outdoor railway trestles. In the railway industry, rail clamps are often made of steel casting Iron and malleable cast iron. Elastic rail clamps are made of compounded rubber, while rubber pressure tongue and rubber rail pad applied oil resistant rubber.
rail clamps in rail fastening system

Installation Standards of Rail Clamps

When installing the rail clamp, we should position the steel rail after laying the compounded rubber rail pads, then put the track bolts and rail clamps in the correct position. What calls for special attention is that the rail clamps should cling to the bottom flange of steel rails. Next step is to install the rail clamp and the spring washer, tighten the rail nuts to the rubber tongue. Notice that the compression amount of the rubber pressure tongue is about 2-3mm.
rail clamp installation standards

Allowable Deviation of Rail Clamp Installation

As to the allowable deviation requirements for the rail track installation, the position deviation of rail track center line is no more than 5mm, the elevation difference deviation of rail top surface is less than 5mm. The center line distance deviation of the two steel rails is less than 5mm. The steel rails in the workshop are often connected by rail joints with four holes. On the expansion joint of the steel rail types, such as 4 kg/m steel rail, 38 kg/m steel rail, 43kg /m steel rail, 50 kg/m steel rail, plain joints are often used. On the expansion joint of steel rail type QU70, QU80, QU100 and QU120, 45 ° inclined joints are widely used, with a gap width 10 mm.
various standards of rail clamps for sale

High Quality Rail Clamps from Professional Manufacturer-AGICO Rail

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