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Heat Treatment Process for Rail Clips

Rail clip is an important part of railway fastening system. The proper heat treatment process is necessary for producing high quality rail clips. A rail clip is an elastic part that connect with track bolt and rail tie plate to fasten steel rails, then a complete railway fastening system is made up, and these devices are all called rail fasteners. There are also other devices like rail clamp, rail spike and rubber rail pad, they can also make up other types of rail fastening systems for fastening steel rail.
rail clip production process
The common raw material for rail clip production is 60Si2Mn hot-rolled spring steel. Its chemical composition and surface decarbonization layer is less than the 1% of diameter. The grain size is greater than or equal to 7. Graphite carbon content less than 1.5 agent. The main process of rail clip production includes blanking, medium frequency non-contact heating, stamping forming, oil cold dip, medium temperature tempering, shot peening and anti-corrosion treatment.
 elastic rail clip production processes
The properties and structure of the rail clip require that the hardness of the rail clip should reach HRC60 after being touched with fire. The hardness after tempering shall be hrc44-48, the rail clip shall not break after 3-5 million fatigue tests, and the residual deformation shall not be greater than 1.0mm. Heat treatment process, the workpiece into the inductor (coil), when the inductor into a certain frequency of alternating current, alternating magnetic field is generated around. Alternating magnetic field of the electromagnetic induction effect makes the artifacts are generated within the closed induced current ─ ─ eddy current. The distribution of induced current on the section of the workpiece is very uneven, the surface current density of the workpiece is very high, gradually decreasing inward, this phenomenon is called skin effect. The electrical energy of the workpiece surface high-density current is converted into heat energy, so that the surface temperature increases, that is, surface heating is realized. The higher the current frequency, the greater the current density difference between the workpiece surface and the interior, and the thinner the heating layer. When the temperature of the heating layer exceeds the critical point of the steel, the surface can be quickly cooled to achieve the heat treatment process.
This paper can strengthen the heating process of rail clip and help you to understand what rail clip is and the main functions of rail clips. If you still have doubts about rail clips, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to meet your requirements. For you to explain the rail clip in detail, provide more information about the rail clip, as well as a variety of models, reliable quality rail clips.
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