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The Demand Trends of Asian Rail Fastener Market

For the railway comparative advantages in terms of technical and economic characteristics such as transport capacity, cost and low-carbon, under the background of economic globalization and low-carbon economy, the railway, especially high-speed railway, has been relatively rapidly developing in many countries. On the development process, the railway network structure has been further adjusted and optimized. The status and role of the high-speed railway has become more prominent in the railway network. The traveling people have paid more attention to improving the quality and level of transport service and the safety, efficiency, convenience, comfort and sustainability of transportation. Under this background, railway fasteners market has become very prosperous in Asia due to the leaping railway development and the implementation of the Belt& Road strategy of China. Rail track sizes in Asia is becoming larger and larger.
 AGICO railway fasteners for Asia market

State and Prospects of Asian Railway Fasteners Market

Looking at the structural changes in the railway passenger and cargo transportation market, with the advancement of global economic industrialization and urbanization and the rapid economic growth of emerging economies, the overall scale and the total volume of railway passenger and cargo transportation have generally shown steady growth trend in the past decade in the world. However, for different countries, the scale and structure of railway passenger and cargo transportation vary greatly. The growth of railway passenger transportation is mainly concentrated in the Asian market. With the advancement of urbanization, population growth and the large-scale opening and operation of railway passenger-dedicated line, China has grown rapidly with an average annual increase of 7.27% from 2000 to 2012; due to rapid economic growth and accelerated urbanization of India, the average annual growth rate has also reached 7.68%; Japan has a small land area and a large population density, but a developed railway network, then a large scale of railway passenger transportation. In a word, rail track sizes in Asia are very big, and the future is prosperous.
rail fastening system for Asia market
The high-speed railway has become a new business card of China. Chinese railway manufacturers and suppliers should take this opportunity to go out into the globe and explore the international market actively, especially the Asian market. In Asian region there are a large number of the developing countries. Under the impetus of economic development, there is much space to career with the construction of traditional railways and urban light track. As of November of 2017, Asia is building 1,869 kilometers of high-speed railroad lines except China and plans to build 13,620 kilometers. In terms of urban light track, Asia is still a densely populated area. With the progress of urbanization, many Asian cities rank among the top in the world in urban population density. However, the construction of urban light track in developing countries of Asia is generally lagging behind that of Western countries currently, and the demand will become increasingly significant in the future. By the end of 2016, Asian countries and cities including China have been actively planning the construction of urban light track.

Market  Potentioal And Products of Asian Railway Fasteners

From the perspective of the marketing development, Asia, especially South Asia and Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and 6 countries in the Gulf are undoubtedly important promotion targets. Of course, the ambitions of the other countries are also growing, which shouldn’t be ignored by people.
new railway projects in Asia need quantity of rail fasteners
Asian countries, especially in South Asia and Southeast Asia, have been unable to fully grasp the mature technology related to railway fasteners products and have a strong economic strength for long years. Therefore, most of railway fasteners products also rely on international cooperation and then obtain. Many countries generally adopt UIC standards for their railways. The application range of UIC products is very wide. In the Asian railway fasteners market, UIC series products, such as UIC54 and UIC60 steel rails and matched fishplates and fasteners that mainly include the types of rail fastening such as E-clip systems, SKL-12 system, SKL-14 system, Fast clip system, etc. A considerable proportion is shared. Of course, because of the advancement of China’s railway technology and its active participation in the development of the Asian market, China’s GB standard fasteners are also in demand in recent years in Asia, for example, GB track bolt,. At the same time, 43kg, 50kg and 60kg of heavy rails, and 22kg, 24kg and 38kg of light rails, QU80, QU100 and QU120 of crane rails, fishplates and the whole set of fasteners also have a certain market share. 0

Strong Strength And High Quality of AGICO Rail

Anyang General International Co., Ltd (AGICO) specialized in manufacturing and supplying railway fasteners products, including railway fishplates, GB track bolt, many types of rail fastening, and related fastening parts for railway construction. And with a history in continuous railway fastener manufacturing, since 1958, AGICO Rail has developed itself to a state-level and most competitive railway fasteners supplier in China, especially with biggest DAILY rail clip and rail joint production capacity: 100,000pieces of rail clip and 100MTS of rail joints.
AGICO Rail possesses a total area of over 60,000sq.m, including 30,000sq.m production mills and 10,000sq.m for warehouse. 10 production workshops are available for different product variety, such as steel rolling workshop; rail joint workshop; gauge baffle workshop; rail clip workshop; rail spike and bolt workshop; casting workshop for tie plates, rail anchors and shoulders; rail pad workshop; gauge tie rod workshop; anticorrosion workshop and maintenance workshop. 3 service systems for facility supplying, transport and warehouse management, combined with 5 functional sectors including Quality Inspection Dept., Production & Technology Dept., Operation Dept., Financing Dept., and Administrative Office form a professional and orderly company structure. We own about 300 working staff, with 92 engineers and experts. Last year, by investing $10,000,000, we upgraded our testing and inspection facilities to be more modern and precise to guarantee the product quality.
Frankly, AGICO Rail owns rich experience and advanced equipments in manufacturing industry of rail fasteners. Now we have manufactured many rail products for foreign clients and stored many ready-made dies. In addition, we can make various customized rail fasteners in strict accord with different standards or according to the drawings and requirements of clients.
Nowadays, AGICO Rail is working hard at developing the Asian market. So welcome to contact with us! We will provide you with sophisticated, rapid and optimized results.
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