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Where to Buy Railroad Spikes | Dog Spikes & Screw Spikes

Rail spike is a large rail nail used for fastening railway sleepers or rail ties in the rail track, and it plays an important role in ensuring the stability of railroad. The obvious features of track spike are the offset head, flat edge point and chisel, which makes the spike resist to loosening. Rail spike is the main component in rail fasteners and it can also be made into railroad spike knife. 
People may be puzzled by the question “where to buy legal railroad spikes?” AGICO is your best choice. With many years’ production experience, our technicians are familiar with different standards of rail spikes and they can also manufacture customized spikes according to the requirements of customers. 
railroad spikes

Spike Steel 

There are two types of spike steel: low carbon steel and high carbon steel. Steel is iron added with carbon. Without carbon, steel is too soft and difficult to make good strengthened rail spike. The application of adding carbon to iron makes the steel quickly take the place of cast and wrought iron. Carbon makes the steel hard, but more carbon in spike steel may make it brittle.  Approximately 0.7–2.5% carbon content is high carbon steel. Most rail spikes are made of high carbon steel.  

Types of Railroad Spike

Two common types of rail spike are screw spikes and dog spikes.

Screw Spike

Screw spike is first introduced in France in 1860,and is used to fasten the tie plate or pad to wooden sleepers. With the development of concrete sleeper, screw spike becomes more common in railway fasteners. It is always used with the help of the rail plastic dowel, which is pre-inserted into the concrete sleeper before installing rail fastening system. Screw spike can be classified into many types to meet different standards railway tracks. At present, the main types of screw spikes are Ss series sleeper screw, square-head screw spike, hexagon screw spike, and double-head screw spike. The system of rail spike, rail bolts and rail plastic sleeve is considered as a good connection or linkage of rail track and rail sleeper.

Ss Series Sleeper Screw

Ss serial sleeper screw is one of the most common screws used in railroad. The specifications and parameters are in the following. We can provide you with one-step service and quality sleeper screws.
Ss series sleeper screw

Type Specification Weight/kg Surface Standard
Ss 1/130 M22*130 0.451 Natural
   According to your needs.
According to your drawings or samples.
Ss 1/150 M22*150 0.478
Ss 2/180 M22*150 0.595
Ss 5/150 M24*150 0.545
Ss 6/150 M26*150 0.702
Ss 7/180 M24*180 0.636
Ss 8/140 M24*140 0.528
Ss 8/150 M24*150 0.548

Square Head Screw Spike

square head screw spike

Type Specification Material Surface Standard
Square head screw spike M22*145 45#
According to your needs.
   According to your needs.
According to your drawings or samples.
Other kinds

Hexagon Screw Spike

hexagon screw spike

Grade 4.6 5.6 8.8 10.9
Material Q235 35# 45# 40Cr
Mechanical Tensile strength: ≥ 400Mpa Tensile strength: ≥ 500Mpa Tensile strength: ≥ 800Mpa Tensile strength: ≥ 1000Mpa
Yield strength: ≥ 240Mpa Yield strength: ≥ 300Mpa Yield strength: ≥ 640Mpa Yield strength: ≥ 900Mpa
Elongation: ≥ 22% Elongation: ≥ 20% Elongation: ≥ 20% Elongation: ≥ 9%
Cold bending: 90 degree Cold bending: 90 degree Cold bending: 90 degree Cold bending: 90 degree
without crack without crack without crack without crack
Surface plain (oiled) , Oxide black, Zinc, HDG, wax, bitumen, Dacromet, Sherardizing

Double-head Screw Spike

double heads screw spike

Model Grade Material  Surface treatment
Ss5 4.6/5.6/8.8 Q235, 35#, 45# Plain (oiled), Bluing, Zinc, HDG, etc

Dog Spike

Dog spike, also called cut spike, it looks square in the horizontal section and has an L-shaped head. Two lugs on each side of dog spike makes the spike’s head looks like the dog’s head, this is why it is called dog spike. AGICO can provide different sizes of dog spike to meet various requirements of the length of spikes. 
dog spikes

Specification Material Surface Standard
5/8*6 '' A3,Q235, 45#,55#, etc According to customer needs. According to customer’s drawings or samples

Why Choose AGICO?

In Domestic:

1. With 70% market share of railway products in Chinese railway field.
2. Production system of railroad equipments ranks first in China.
3. AGICO is the appointed producer of railroad products and it has the qualification of large and medium scale railway construction projects.
4. It has the railway product certification awarded by MOR.   


1. AGICO has granted the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.
2. We can provide various standards railroad products, at present AGICO has the production mold of BS, UIN, DIN, South American, African, American and Chinese standard railroad products. 
3. Rail products of AGICO have been exported to more than 20 countries and 50 regions.
4. A long-term supplier of CRCC for both domestic and overseas contracted rail projects in over 50 countries all over the world.
5. Over 30 kinds of standard and non-standard fishplates can be customized for global buyers.

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