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Railway Switch Faults And Railway Switch Fault Judgement

As a professional rail switch manufacturer, AGICO RAIL can manufacture various types of railway switches/turnouts and other types of rail fasteners. With many years of experience in rail fastener market, we have provided many solutions for railway projects in all over the world. In this paper, we will summarize the faults of rail switches and the judgement methods of rail switch.
simple railway turnout/railway switch
  • For single rail switch, the ammeter in the console has instructions during operation, indicating that the power of the action rail switch has been sent to the switch. At this time, if the rail switch cannot be operated to the designated position, the reason would be outside. When operating the rail switch, if the console ammeter does not indicate, measure whether the rail switch has a voltage on the outdoor dividing plate of the machine room. If there is a voltage, it indicates that the power of the action rail switch has been sent and the fault reason would be outdoor.
  • For double rail switch, when the railway switch is operated, the ammeter in the console just move a bit and then stop, which indicates that the electricity of the action rail switch has been delivered to the moving rail switch. The fault occurs after the moving switch, which means an outdoor fault.
  • If the rail switch can be fixed in both positioning and inversion, it is not shown. Ac 250v of multimeter is used to measure the voltage between X1(or X2) and X3 with or without an alternating current of 110V. If there is a voltage, it means outdoor rail switch fault, otherwise, it means indoor rail switch fault.

rail switch in railroad
So much here for the fault and judgment of rail switch. Through this paper, I hope you can have deeper understanding on railway switch and make an accurate judgment when the fault of railway switch occurs. Adopt corresponding treatment methods to restore the railway switch to normal as soon as possible. Of course, if you are still confused about rail switches and rail fasteners, you can visit official website of AGICO Rail or call the hotline directly for more information.
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