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Installation And Application Standard of Railway track

Railway fasteners must be complete, tight, solid and in line with the rail type. Track joints must be fixed with 4 bolts using a qualified track splint or fishplate. If the track is laid down and need to be changed, different types of track joints must be fitted with suitable special shaped splint. Road splints must not have the problems such as broken or have less holes.

technique requirements of rail joint bars in rail track
The distance of rail joint should not be more than 5mm. The difference between height, left and right should be less than 2mm, the distance of rail joint should not be more than 5mm, and the difference between height and direction should be less than 2mm.
Track direction should conform to the standard, visual straight, no hard bending. The straight line section of the main transportation line should be visible straight, measured with 10m chord not exceeding 10 mm. The curve segment, visual circle, measured with 2m chord adjacent normal vector difference: radius above 50m less than 2mm, radius less than 50m less than 3mm.
The central line of the main transportation track meets the design requirements. And the deviation should be less than ±50 mm to the design value. The distance between the center line of the two tracks should be more than the design value and must not be greater than 20mm of the design value. The deviation between the center position and the design position of the double track should be less than 50 mm.
The deviation between the actual elevation and the design elevation of the rail surface of the main transportation lines is ±50 mm. The error of slope within 50m should be less than 1/1000, and the difference of height should be than 50mm.
 underground rail track standard

The underground track gauge is 600 mm, and the allowable deviation of the straight section of the main transportation line is -2mm to 5mm. After widening the curve segment, the tolerance is -2mm to 5mm, and the gauge rod should be set in the curve segment. The line section of the general transportation line is allowed to deviate from -2mm to 5mm. The curve section is widened and the tolerance is -2mm to 5mm.
Track sleeper quality qualified, sleepers and track vertical. The rail sleeper distance of the main transportation line is 700mm and the deviation should be less than 50mm. The distance between track sleepers of general transportation line is 800mm, deviation should be less than 50mm.
rail spike standard mating steel rail standard
Track spike specification should be matched with rail type, complete quantity, floating less than 2mm. Concrete sleeper bolt, press plate fastening complete, floating not more than 2mm. Track and sleeper bolts should be lubricated once a month.
There must be no serious slope collapse, ground bulge and settlement of track subgrade. The thickness of the track ballast of the main transportation line should be more than 100mm (not less than 50mm at the protrusions of individual bottom plates and not less than 150mm on the ground, the ballast should be buried in the sleeper by 2/3/3, and the sleeper must be exposed 1/3/3). The road bed should be cleaned regularly, no sundries, no floating coal, no water. Generally, transportation track ballast can’t exceed the pillow surface, and should be not less than a third of the pillow plane. Track ballast material and particle size should meet the standard requirements, must be tamper solid, and no problems such as space plate, hanging plate.
standard distance of steel rail
The rail is strictly prohibited to be cut with gas cutting. If it is necessary to cut the rail , the rail of the transport roadway shall not be allowed to be cut ( except for short distance finishing ). Track cutting head plane should be perpendicular to rail surface, sawing face must not be skewed. The track cutting head must be processed by drilling machine when remachining the bolt hole of track splint. The holeuse is strictly prohibited cutting by gas cutting.
During the operation of the track, there must be special personnel and regular maintenance. Lubricate track and sleeper bolts every half a month. Bed, turnout should be regularly cleaned to ensure that there is no debris, no floating coal, no water.
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