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Railroad Maintenance For Concrete Sleeper, Track Joint, Rail Turnout

Railroad maintenance is the repair and maintenance of railway parts such as roadbeds, tracks, fasteners, etc. Due to the dynamic action of the train and the influence of natural conditions, the railway track constantly wear, loose fasteners, roadbed deformation. Regular railroad maintenance can timely repair these injuries and prevent railway safety accidents. Through the daily track maintenance, it can be seen that the railway track is mainly damaged by concrete sleepers, loose fish plate and diseases of rail turnout parts. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of railway operation, not only the quality of railway construction should be guaranteed, but also the timely railway track maintenance should be ensured.

Railroad Maintenance for Concrete Sleeper

Type of concrete sleeper damage

concrete sleeper damage
  • Excessive transverse cracks appear in the contact surface between the rail and the concrete sleeper. Concrete sleepers can accept unstable repeated loads. When the sleeper is subjected to a load far greater than its crack resistance, excessive lateral cracks may occur, resulting in damage to the concrete sleeper.
  • The contact surface between the rail and the concrete sleeper is cushed. Because of the rubber pad damage or string out, so that the rail directly on the concrete sleeper, resulting in the concrete sleeper is crushed.
  • The concrete sleeper bottom edge falling block. Ballast laying will impact the sleeper bottom edge, resulting in a drop.

How to make track maintenance for concrete sleeper damage?

Repair the damaged sleeper that has not yet reached the replacement standard in time. Replace concrete sleepers that need to be replaced. For vulnerable sections of the concrete sleeper, promptly replace with a stronger sleeper to improve its reliability. Strengthen the search and check to increase the railway track maintenance inspection frequency of the concrete sleeper on the vulnerable road section.

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Railroad Maintenance for Track Joint

Type of track joint damage

track joint damage
  • Track joint is not smooth. When the track joint is not smooth, resulting in wheel wheel over the track joint, produce greater impact force, thereby increasing the additional resistance at the joint part of the rail sections.
  • Rail bolts and fish plate are loose. The vibration generated by the train passing through the rail is constantly transmitted to the fish plate and the bolt. If this goes on for a long time, it is easy to cause the track bolt to loosen, thus leading to the fish plate to loosen.
  • The gap of the track joint part is too large. If the gap is too large, uneven force will be exerted on the track joint, thus accelerating the damage of the joint part.

How to make track maintenance for track joint damage?

The first step is to increase the frequency of track maintenance and inspections. Once problems such as looseness of the fish plate are found, reinforcement measures should be taken in time. Railroad maintenance should be increased in winter and summer as well as during periods of time when temperature varies greatly. To reduce the adverse effects of thermal expansion and contraction on the track gap.

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rail turnout damage

Railroad Maintenance for Rail Turnout

Type of rail turnout damage

  • Poor connection between the rail turnout and the front and rear railroad lines.
  • The direction of the rail turnout guidance is not precise enough, and there is a misalignment between the rail turnout and the normal track.
  • The crossing nose and wing rail collapse due to wear.

How to make track maintenance for rail turnout damage?

Rail turnouts are more prone to problems than other parts of the railway, so it is necessary to strengthen daily railroad maintenance. Regular stress adjustment of seamless turnout to eliminate stress concentration of turnout. Timely adjustment, grinding and replacement of rail parts with uneven wear.

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