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Functions And Applications of Railway Fish Bolts

Railway is a production of the Industrial Revolution, its development adapted to that of human societies. In recent years, the rapid development of China’s high-speed railways has been witnessed by the whole world. Thanks to the hard work of laboring people, China has changed from a poor developing country to the second largest economy in the world. Just like railway fish bolt plays an important role in rail fastening system.
fasten railway fish bolts
As an indispensable part of railway system, railway fish bolt plays an important role. In high-speed railway lines, the speeding trains pass through the rails so fast, so we should guarantee the quality of railway components, including railway fish bolts. In railway system, railway fish bolts can fasten rail joint bars and steel rails together.

AGICO Rail is a professional rail railway fish bolt manufacturer that can produce various types of railway fish bolts with high quality, such as, BS, ASTM and Din, etc. Railway fish bolts are also called fishtail bolts, are used to fix the rail fish plates onto steel rails. Sometimes, railway fish bolts can be replaced by hexagon bolts, but there would be a phenomenon of coupling. Compared with hexagon bolts, railway fish bolts can save labor. Reasonable structural design of railway fish bolts can make the connection stronger and safer.

railway fish bolts

Application of Railway Fish Bolts

Railway fish bolts can be widely used in metallurgical industry, coking industry and track laying in steel industry. Railway fish bolts are made of ordinary carbon steel 4.8 level, high strength 8.8 level and 10.9 level. The specifications include Φ14 x 70, Φ16 x 75, Φ18 x 90, Φ20 x 90, Φ24 x 135, ΦΦ24 x 145, Φ24 x 170, etc. Railway fish bolts are generally friction press by hot pressing molding, buckle 50 mm long, cold heading forming is also available rail joint connection.

AGICO Rail can produce various standards of railway fish bolts. If you are interested in our railway fish bolt products, we can provide mass production and technical support. As a professional railway fish bolt production base, AGICO Rail can produce high quality railway fish bolts according to your requirements, please contact our customer service, we will be happy to serve you.

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