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Material Categories for Railway Fish Plate

Railway fish plate, commonly known as the track clamping plates, is a metal joint bar connected to the ends of two steel rails and bond them together. In general, railway fish plates can be divided into three types, light rail fish plate, heavy rail fish plate and super heavy rail fish plate. Railway fish plate is a type of rail fastener that connect with the two rail ends. From experience, using railway fish plate to connect steel rails can save work time than welding technology, and work with track bolts, the railway fish plate is easily installed and serviced. There are holes in the middle of the flank of the fish plate. The upper and lower sides of the horizontal axis of the screw hole are provided with the upper working face in contact with the lower part of the rail head and the lower working face in contact with the upper part of the rail bottom. The rear of the upper working face is extended upwards to form a transition section higher than the rail surface.
categories of railway fish plates
The structure of the bridge type railway fish plate is simple, which can reduce the impact of wheels on rail joints, increase the continuity of rail longitudinal deformation at the joints, and improve the smoothness when train passing through. Light railway fish plate is also called track splint, heavy railway fish plate is also called oblique lifting rail joint splint. We can also supply insulated railway fish plate. As its name, insulated railway fish plate is made of insulating material, a new type of high strength composite track material. It has the features of corrosion resistant, rust protection, ultraviolet-proof, non-conducting and non-magnetic. What’s more, insulated railway fish plate is a thermosetting material and cannot be reprocessed, so it is burglarproof.
insulated railway fish plates
Common railway fish plates can be divided into four holes and six holes. The materials of railway fish plates can be divided into nodular cast iron, Q235 rolling steel, forging steel and so on. In general, railway fish plate production applies medium carbon steel and high carbon steel as the raw material. In addition, we can also produce composite railway fish plate, cast iron railway fish plate and cast steel railway fish plate.
railway fish plate production and packaged railway fish plates
If you are confused about the material of railway fish plate, want to get more information about railway fish plate or have purchase intension, do not hesitate to contact us, we can give you detailed answer and make customization production according to your requirements about railway fish plates.
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