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Get to Know More about Railway Fish Plate Standard

The standard rail length is 12.5m and 25m.

Steel Rail Classifications

The rail is divided into heavy rail and light rail by the number of kilograms per meter of approximate weight:

Heavy rail

According to the steel used, it can be divided into: common steel rails containing manganese, common steel rails containing copper, high silicon steel rails containing copper, copper rails, manganese rails and silicon rails. There are mainly three types: 38kg, 43kg and 50kg. In addition, there are also 45kg rail tracks for some road lines, which have been planned to use 60kg tracks for high speed rail routes.

railway fishplate in heavy rail

Light rail

There are 9, 12, 15, 22, 30 and other types of rail track.
railway fish plate for light rail

Manufacture And Application of Railway fish plates

The rail is made of carbon - stabilized steel, which is smelted by open - hearth and oxygen converter. Its purpose is to bear the running pressure and impact load of locomotive and vehicle.

Manufacturers And Importing Countries

The rail used in China is mainly produced by some domestic steel mills, such as Anshan steel, Wuhan steel, etc. In addition, due to the large amount of consumption, it is still necessary to import some of the physical and chemical properties required by China's technical standards and the steel rails and accessories determined by relevant foreign standards. The importing countries are Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Russia, Australia and so on.

Dimensions of Railway Fish Plate

The length of the rail and other geometric dimensions and tolerances shall be specified by the relevant standards of light and heavy rails in GB Standard.

Appearance And Quality of Railway Fish Plates

The rolled rail shall be straight without significant bending and torsion.The local bending and torsion of light and heavy rails and the amount of deformation and the inclination of rail end surfaces shall not exceed the standards.
The surface of the steel rail shall be clean and smooth, without cracks, scars and scratches. The end face shall not have shrinkage marks or interlayer, etc. The degree to which defects and geometric quantities are allowed to exist on the integral surface of light and heavy rail shall not exceed the standards.
Our main products are: various types of light, heavy rail high manganese steel casting single open, compound crossover, crossover line, diamond, symmetry and other kinds of turnout. According to the rail type, there are: 8kg/m, 12kg/m, 15kg/m, 18kg/m, 22kg/m, 24kg/m, 30kg/m, 38kg/m, 43kg/m, 50kg/m, and 60kg/m rail crossings. According to the number of turnout, there are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, and other types. There are various kinds of wire accessories, such as screw spikes, tie plates, rail fastenings, iron seat, rail gauge rod, insulating pull rod, fishtail bolt, anti-climber, spacer, spare parts for all kinds of turnout, bridge rail accessories and so on. Vehicle accessories have various types of press, bolts, rubber pads, welded rail presses and other types. Our products cover 200 varieties of 3 large series.

Railway Fish Plates, Rail Connecting Bars or Called Rail Joint bars

Detailed introduction:
Specifications: suitable for various specifications of light rail, heavy rail, crane rail. Customized according to requirements and drawings.
various standards of railway fish plate

GB Standard Railway Fish Plate

Specification Standard Material
43KG TB/T 2345-2008 B7

BS Standard Railway Fish Plate

Specification Standard Material

JIS E Standard Railway Fish Plate

Specification Standard Material
37A JIS E1102-2001 SS490 S20C

AREMA Standard Railway Fish Plate

T-rail Standard Material Aperture
115RE 1.1875”
132RE 1.3125”
136RE 1.3125”

Heavy Railway Fish Plate

Heavy Rail Standard Material Aperture

AREMA 2007


105LB.CR 1.3125”
135LB.CR 1.1875”
171LB.CR 1.1875”
175LB.CR 1.1875”
Standard Length: 914.4m, drilling holes and punching holes, 4holes and 6holes

UIC Standard Railway Fish Plate

UIC Standard Railway Fish Plate Applicative Steel Rail
Specification Piece Weight KG/m Size(mm) Material Steel Rail Specification Steel Rail Piece Weight KG/m Standard
a b c x
U79 23.92 108.53 27 41 2.75 Grade 700 UIC54 54.53 UIC
U85 29.68 120.92 24 45 2.75 Grade 700 UIC60 60.34 UIC
Railway Fish Plate Standard: UIC864-4 Standard, UIC864-8 Standard

DIN Standard Railway Fish Plate

DIN Standard Railway Fish Plate Applicative Steel Rail
Specification Piece Weitht KG/m Size Material Steel Rail Specification Steel Rail Piece Weight Kg/m Standard
a b c x
FI30 9.6 70.1 15.9 20.6 4.33 Grade 700 S30 30.03 DIN5901
FI133 12.7 90.5 18 20 4 Grade 700 S33 33.47 DIN5901
FI41 15.7 94 20 31 3 Grade 700 S41 41.38 DIN5951
FI49 3 S49 49.43
Railway Fish Plate Standard: DIN5902

Specifications of Railway Steel

Railway Steel

Specification: 8kg,12kg,15kg,18kg,22kg,24kg,30kg Material: 55Q/Q235B Length: 6-12m
Specification: 38kg, 43kg, 50kg, 60kg Material: 45mn/71mn Length: 12m-25m
Specification: 70kg, 80kg, 100kg, 120kg Material: 71mn/75V Length: 12m I-steel for mining

I-steel for mining

Specification:9#, 11#, 12# Material:20mnk Length:9m-12m

Support steel

Specification:18U, 25U, 29U, 36U Material: 20mnk Length: 9m-12m
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