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Installation Procedures of Railway Joints

There are 4 or 6 holes on the body of railway joints. Before installing the railway joints, raill screws should be installed with spring washers, and lubricating oil should be painted on the surface of rail screws and spring washers.
railway joint installation
When installing the railway joint, the railway joint gasket should be inserted at the joint to ensure that the rail joint conforms to the standard and adjust the central position of steel rails at the same time.
Straighten the outer rail stock according to the position of the center pile.
When installing railway joints, the length of every pair of steel rail length may have errors, positive and negative sometimes offset.

Notes on Railway Joint Installation Process

  • Oil the lifting parts of railway joints, steel rails and rail bolts.
  • When threading the railway joint screws, the positions of the screw caps shall be staggered internally and externally.
  • The order of the bolts, such as the use of four-hole railway joint, first tighten the middle two, and then on both sides. After tightening the screws on the sides, tighten the middle two again.
  • When screwing the rail bolts, one person should use the 55cm screw wrench handle as the standard and shall not use too long screw wrench or use or wrench for two.
  • If the rail bolt cannot be threaded, hammer both ends of the railway joint and aim at the eyes of railway joints. Hammer is not necessary to tighten the rail screw bolts.
  • When wrenching the track bolts, pay attention to make the spring washer opening downward.
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