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Various Types of Railway Screw Spikes for Sale!

Transportation by railway is one of the most cost-effective ways of transporting heavy goods over land. It can also be used for the regular transportation of items in a much smaller scale, such as a commercial setting. For instance, there are many mines around the world that still use railway as a means of transporting ore. This simply proves the reliability and affordability of this form of transport.
various types of railway spikes for sale
When constructing a railway line, it is normally necessary to ensure that all its components are designed to work properly. It’s important to remember that the entire weight of the train or cart together with the items being transported will essentially be focused on one small part of the rail. If any part fails, the rate of wear and tear in the system is likely to be very high. As a professional rail fastener manufacturer, AGICO can produce and supply various types of railway spikes for sale. The railway spikes and screws are particularly important, and everything should be done to ensure that they are purpose built for the job. Some of the critical ones include:

Railway Spikes for Sale

These are also known as crampons or cut spikes. They are usually large nails that are designed to have an offset head. Their main function is to join the base plates and the rails to the railroad ties.
railway screw spikes in fastening system

Railway Screw Spikes

These are normally very large bolts, such as Inconel lag bolts or grade 8 hex tap bolts. They are used to fix the tie plate to the steel rail. They are usually installed in a hole drilled within the sleeper. Though they tend to be more expensive than the railway spikes, one of the major benefits of the screw spikes is that they have a much greater fixing power and are often used in combination with spring washers. For this reason, the cost of maintaining the rails when screw spikes are used is normally much lower compared to when only the railway spikes are used.

Railway Fang Bolts

These are also referred to as rail anchor bolts. To use them, they are usually inserted into a hole in the sleeper. They are designed to have a fanged nut which then grips the lower surface of the sleeper, ensuring that the entire assembly has no room to move. This design means that the fang bolts are more resistant to movement on the rail, which is a major concern considering that most trains weigh several tons. They are more reliable than screws and spikes, and for this reason are usually used in delicate positions such as on a switch tie plate. They are also commonly used to fix the steel rail on sharp turns.

railway spring spikes from AGICO

Railway Spring Spikes

These are also known as elastic rail spikes. Their main function is to hold the rail in place, thus preventing it from tipping.
These are just a few of the commonly used fasteners in railroad construction. As has been noted, each has different characteristics, and is best used in a specific point in the railway track. If you intend to construct one, therefore, you would need to realize that you can’t use one type of fastener for the entire track. This also means that you would need to consult a fastener vendor who has a wide variety of products on offer, so that you can get all you need from one source.

Quality Control of Railway Spikes

Because we put the quality of our rail spike products and our customers first, quality control management is a priority at AGICO RAIL. We have been granted the ISO9001-2008 certificate, and have received the production license for our railway products from China's Railway Ministry. Our production process is state of the art, with an advanced mold-processing center, two production lines for rail clips, heat treatment lines, and 20 production lines for railway fasteners. We also have a full line of inspecting equipments.

Inspection Equipments for Railway Spikes

In order to strictly control the quality of each product and ensure that all our railway fasteners including railway spikes meet international standards and our customers' expectations, our advanced manufacturing equipment includes the following: 100T-style OSD electro-hydraulic automatic universal testing machine, direct-reading spectrometer from Germany, video measuring instrument, metallographic image automatic analysis instrument, metallographic sample polishing machine, single-disc two-speed metallographic grinding polishing machine, metallographic sample inlay machine, metallographic sample cutting machine, automatic impact testing machine, sample-gap electrical broaching machine, magnetic detector, fatigue testing machine, salt spray test machine, zinc layer thickness meter, Rockwell hardness machine, and Brinell hardness machine.

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