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The Reasons to Cause Railway Switch Diseases

Railway switches can be divided into many categories, such as simple railway switch, double curve railway switch, and couble crossover, etc. As an important part of railroad structure, railway switch insures the safety of railway transportation. With years of practice and exploration, we summarize the common railway switch diseases and the reasons that cause these diseases.
reasons cause railway switch diseases
In general, railway switches got disease for many reasons, such as the structural imperfection of railway switch, the railway switch standard does not suit for the laying position, the turnout deformed under the dynamic action of the train vehicle, Improper maintenance, natural corrosion and so on. As to the structural imperfection of railway switch, we can divide into two types, inevitable defects and defects that can be eliminated by modification.
 railway switch diseases sample
What are the defects brought by the structural characteristics of railway switches? The angle of the split turnout is too large when the wheel transits from the basic track to the slip turnout, the train vehicle changes the running direction sharply, which causes greater longitudinal and lateral impact on the switch. After slicing, the switch rail section got weak, and only the connecting rod and heel structure connect it to form the frame. There is no fastener to fix it on the turnout pillow in the full length of the steel rail. In addition, the split turnout is higher than basic track, when train vehicle passing through, the split turnout would easy to shake, sway and creep, which increase the possibility of split turnout broken.
These are many reasons that causes the disease of railway switches, but all these can be avoided by paying attention to these problems. In addition, if you are interested in railway switches, want to know more about railway switch, or want to lay railway switch, railway frog,  buy railway accessories, welcome to contact us, our company will provide satisfactory service according to your needs.

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