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Railway Switch Installation Procedures

Material Quality Inspection for Railway Switches

Before being built, railway switch should be inspected. We should pay special attention to the front part of wing railway, the working edges of the rear and the tip of point railway and. As all the materials are qualified, we can begin to build it.

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Position Determination of Railway Switches

According to the design and the requirements of railwayway lines, we can determine the center of railway switch, and then a stake is nailed. According to the front length, the rear length and the length from the switch center to the tail part of straight railway of the switch, we need to nail the stakes one by one. The value that the rear length is divided by switch number is the distance from the center of the tail part of the switch for straight railway to the center of the tail part of the switch for the curved railway, so we can nail the fifth stake. The straight line direction from the first stake to the fifth stake is the direction that the switch for the curved railway connects the railwayway track.

Leveling Track Bed

After the switch position is determined, track bed can be leveled according to the design elevation and track center.

Sleeper Placing

According to general plan of the switch, the switch is placed. And the sleepers are evened up each other on one side of the straight stock railway

Laying Railway Switches


Laying switches

  1. Laying straight stock railways, straight guide railways, switch railways, guard railways and switches and aligning them according to the center stake position;
  2. Connecting the railways, installing switch railways, guard railways and finding the joint position;
  3. Using white lead oil to draw the position of switch sleeper on the outer side of straight stock railway.
  4. Putting the sleepers in the right positions and connecting the connection parts according to the drawing.
  5. Installing straight stock railways after confirming right direction. Taking straight stock railway as the rule, we can install switches and straight guide railways.


Laying curved railways

  1. Bending the curved guide railways well according to the radius of guide curve of the switch;
  2. Placing the curved guide railways and connecting the heel part of switch railway with the front part of the switch well.
  3. Putting curved guide railways.


Laying curved stock railway, switch railways and guard railways

  1. Using the bender to make the bending of the curved stock railways in front of switch railways and bending the curved stock railways well according to the curve radius marked on the drawing.
  2. Placing stock railways and guard railways.
  3. Connecting parts according to the drawings;
  4. Connecting the railways, installing the railways and guard railways;
  5. Based on stock railways and curved guide railways and switches, installing curved stock railways according to the rules.


Installing connecting rod and switch device

Switch device should be placed on two long switch sleepers on one side of the side line. During construction, we first place the brake seat on the sleeper, connect the switch to the connecting rod, and fix the seat with the spikes temporarily. Then, we can confirm whether switch railway and stock railway contact closely. If not, we can adjust the position until they are attached closely. As the position of the switch is correct, we can fix it with the spikes.

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