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Railway Switch Maintenance Methods

The appearance of railway transportation brings us much convenience for business and travelling. The normal running of the train is inseparable from the railway switch. I have used the word "turnout" to describe the junctions in trackwork where lines diverge or converge to avoid "points" (UK) or "switches" (US), both of which terms can be confusing. In the railway "trade", turnouts are referred to as "switch and crossing work". A turnout consists of several parts as shown in picture.
railway switch drawing sample
The diagram showing the parts of a standard turnout or set of points. In the S is known as a “switch”. The moving parts (shown in red) are moved from one position to another to change the route. The moving part of the turnout is the switch "blade" or "point", one for each route. The two blades are fixed to each other by a tie bar to ensure that when one is against its stock rail, the other is fully clear and will provide room for the wheel flange to pass through cleanly.  Either side of the crossing area, wing and check rails are provided to assist the guidance of the wheelsets through the crossing.

railway switch maintenance methods
Railway switch is a kind of vehicles from a field is moved to another track circuit connected devices, it is also one of the weak link of the orbit. So that, a scheduled maintenance of the railway switch is a necessary in the daily work. While in actual application, some workers did not pay enough attention to the railway switch maintenance, this is wrong. We should maintain the railway switch well, next are the maintenance projects of railway switches.
  1. repair the line in sections according to the status that the track geometry size exceeds the allowable deviation management value for regular maintenance;
  2. treat the ballast bed with mud, even ballast and finish the ballast bed;
  3. the track pressure plate manufacturer reminds you to timely replace and repair sleeper;
  4. adjust the rail gap and lock the line;
  5. replace the damaged rail, weld and polish the rail and repair the joint damage;
  6. repair fasteners in sections in a planned way, and grease the fasteners and joint bolts;
  7. remediation of sand and snow prevention equipment and remediation of freezing damage;
  8. renovate the opening of the road, dredge the drainage equipment, remove weeds and big grass on the road shoulder;
  9. seasonal work with a cycle shorter than the single work and other work of comprehensive maintenance;
Above are some maintenance methods of railway switch. I think the railway maintenance workers should carry on the switch strictly according to above points of maintenance methods. As an important kind of connection equipment in railway system, the safe operation of railway switch can guarantee the safety of railway transportation, so that we must maintain the railway switch well.

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