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We are a company specializing in railway track(steel rail) manufacturing and customization. With more than 30 years of experience in the rail track manufacturing industry, we can supply variety of railway track for sale. Railway track is one of the important metal materials for railway traffic, which directly relates to the safety and comfort of railroad. Variety of railroad tracks for sale made by us can basically meet the needs of rapid and high-quality railway development in Asian and world markets, from the material, rail type, basically meet the high-speed, heavy load, mixed passenger and cargo transport and other different transport conditions.

Variety of railway track for sale

The Development Tendency of Railway Track for Sale in Asia Market

From the condition of railway track for sale in Asia market, the steel of railroad track is mainly based on U71Mn(G), U75V(G), U78GrV. Among them, high-speed railroad mainly uses U71Mn and U75V(G). Take our sales data of railroad rail for sale in China in 2017 and 2018 as an example, the selection standard of high-speed railroad rail are: U71Mn(G) railway track for high-speed passenger railway over 200km/h, U75V(G) railway track for high-speed passenger railway over 200-250km/h. We produce from 880 MPa to 1300 MPa grade railway track for sale. You can choose the strength grade 880 MPa U71Mn(G) and 980 MPa U75V(G) railroad tracks for your regular rail line. If you need railroad tracks for your Heavy-haul railway branch line, choose 980 MPa and 1080 MPa U75V(G), U77MnCr, U78CrV crane rails are better. In recent years, we have developed 75N new rail head gallery railroad rail for sale. This new type of rail tracks can significantly improve the wheel-rail relationship of heavy-duty railways and extend the service life of railway track.

The Development Tendency of Railroad Tracks for Sale in Global Market

With the rapid growth of high-speed railway operation mileage and the arrival of the global high-speed operation era, railway track manufacturers still have a lot of development work to do in terms of rail materials purifying, toughening, heavy-duty and ultra-high-strength.

Development Tendency of Railway Track for Sale

1. Various types of railroad tracks for sale

On the variety of steel rails, our railway track manufacturers focus on the development of high-strength rail track. For example, alloy railroad track, full length quench railroad track, bainitic railroad track and lengthened railroad track. In particular, the construction and development of high-speed and heavy-haul railways have put forward more stringent requirements on the steel type of heavy rail section, the purity of steel, the flatness of appearance, the surface quality of rail and the dimensional accuracy.

2. Longer length railroad tracks for sale

The development tendency of railroad tracks for sale in global market show that it has a growing demand for railroad tracks of 100 meters or longer length. This is because the use of long fixed-size rail tracks can significantly reduce the number of welded joints, thus reducing maintenance. The production of the fixed-size rail tracks also facilitates the thermal prebending of the rail tracks and reduces the bending degree of the rail track before straightening. Therefore, the residual stress and surface damage caused by straightening is reduced, which provides more convenience of railway track for sale.

3. High quality performance railroad tracks for sale

In different lines, passenger railway tracks develop in the direction of high dimensional accuracy, high flatness, high surface quality, high strength and toughness and fatigue resistance. The development trend of passenger and cargo mixed transport and heavy freight railway track is high strength, high hardness and high abrasion resistance. At the same time, the railway construction in coastal and supermarket environment will put forward corresponding requirements for the corrosion resistance of rail tracks.

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