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Standard for Installation And Application of Railway Turnouts

  1. The gauge of railway turnout shall not be greater than 3 mm after widening according to the standard, and the deviation of track gauge before and after the switch should be between 0mm-3mm.
  2. The horizontal deviation of the two rail strands at the front end of the spire and the straight curved connection in the middle part and the rear part of the switch is not more than 5mm.
  3. The horizontal direction of the switch should be straight and smooth, with a 10m chord not exceeding 10mm. The curve should be visually round, and the normal sagittal difference between two adjacent two points is not more than 2mm, and the normal sagittal difference between two adjacent two points is not more than 3mm.
  4. Track should be smooth in front, back and height, with 10meters chord not more than 10mm.
  5. The height of the two rail surfaces and the difference between the left and right sides of the turnout joint should be not more than 2 mm.
  6. The tip of the rail is closely attached to the basic rail, the gap is not more than 2 mm, no jump. The damage length of the spire is not more than 100mm, and the difference between the height and the height of the basic rail is not more than 2mm at the tip width of the spire 20mm.
  7. The working distance between heart rail and guard rail should be 572mm and the deviation should be ±2mm.
  8. Rail parts complete, strong installation, no loosening, no failure phenomenon. The tip of the heart rail is perpendicular to the center of the working edge of the guard rail, and the deviation should be ±50 mm.
  9. The vertical wear of the core rail at the top width 35mm and the wing rail throat is less than 7mm, the rivets are not loosened and the weld seam is free of cracks. The slider board shall be fitted at the bottom of the rail with a clearance of not more than 2mm.
  10. The vertical wear of the basic rail should be not more than 7mm.
  11. Rail bracing should be close to the basic rail, clearance should be not more than 1mm, the number of complete, no loosening phenomenon.
  12. The pull rod of the wrench should be complete, the connection should be firm, the action should be flexible and reliable. Use the sleeper at the point where the switch should be installed.
  13. The main transportation roadway should popularize the installation of the switch, the switch should be flexible and reliable, the control box should be in good condition, the installation distance of the same program should not be less than the control distance of the controller, and one controller should not make the two division-controlled switches operate at the same time. No simple switch shall be used on the main transportation line.
  14. The single opening railway turnout should not be less than No.4, and the radius of the curve should not be less than 15m.
railway turnout installation

Quality Requirement for Railway Turnouts

The track of the main lane must be laid according to the standard of the permanent track , and the cut-eye track shall be laid according to the temporary track standards. When laying track, it must be laid strictly in accordance with the design of the central line of the track.
Gauge: 600mm, spacing of sleeper: 800mm. When the rail head should be lapped, a sleeper should be laid on each side of the rail head at the 240mm. No sleeper shall be laid at the rail joint.
standard railway turnout in railway

Standard for laying track of main and secondary roadways:

  • 24kg/m rail is used in main and secondary roadway, track fastening should be complete, bolt should be fastened, and it should be in accordance with rail type. The clearance of the rail joint shall not be greater than 5mm, the height and the left and right deviation shall not be greater than 2mm, and no hard bending occurs.
  • The gauge should be 600mm, and the track deviation of straight section and widened curve should be -2mm~+5mm. The difference between the top surface of the two rails in the straight section and the deviation between the outer rail of the curve segment and the top surface of the inner rail should not be greater than 5mm after the design of the outer rail.
  • The standard cement sleeper should be used in the main roadway, and the timber sleeper should be used in the secondary roadway. The distance between sleepers should be 800mm and the deviation of sleeper spacing should be less than 50mm. A third of the sleeper should be exposed, and the sleeper should be embedded in a depth of 2/3 of the thickness of the sleeper. The sleeper must be fixed to the track and perpendicular to the track, and the sleeper must be level.
  • The track bed must be flat, rammed, the track is strictly prohibited to appear sleepers suspended.
  • The same type of rail must be used on the same line, no mixed track shall be used, and the rail model of the switch shall not be lower than the rail type of the line.
  • Track laid flat, firm, ballast pad solid.
  • The plane on the track is not less than 1800mm from the lowest part of the roadway roof.
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