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Relay Rail

The relay rail is a used rail that is removed from the railway line during the daily maintenance and overhaul of the railway line and can still be used after the maintenance. The rails bear the huge pressure of the train wheels for a long time, and they will be damaged after a long time. The less damaged ones can be reused after treatment. If the rail is seriously worn, it cannot be used as a relay rail.

used rails for sale

Although the relay rails have varying degrees of wear, these minor wear may no longer be suitable for heavy train railway lines, or for more busy lines. However, the used rail can still be used for other light locomotive lines, crane rails, railway tracks used in low frequency, and in forest areas, mining areas, factories, and construction sites where temporary transportation lines need to be laid.

Various Types of Relay Rail for Sale

We sell German standard, American standard, British standard, European standard and other standard relay rails. At the same time, UIC60 relay rail, 90LB relay rail, 136LB relay rail, 115LB relay rail, and other relay rails are also on sale.

We also sell used wooden sleepers and fishplates.
Various Types of Relay Rail for Sale

Why Choose Relay Rail?

Huge cost savings

The appearance, function, and use effect of the relay rail is not much different from the new rail, but the price is much lower than the new rail. In scenarios such as tracks laid in coal mine tunnels and gantry crane tracks, the choice of relay track is undoubtedly the most economical.

Adequate supply

A large number of railway lines are maintained every day, so the supply of relay rails is sufficient to meet the demand for shipments at any time.

High-quality Used Rails Supplier

As a high-quality supplier of used rails all year round, AGICO will test various indicators of used rails before each shipment.

1. Welding appearance of used rail

It should have a smooth, fine-scale shape, with no grooves, no discontinuities, no folds on the surface, and smooth metal links. The effect of the weld should be free of cracks and only allow pores on individual surfaces.

2. Actual dimensions of used rail welds

AGICO will check whether the actual size of the weld meets the technical requirements and whether there are defects, pores, slag inclusions, cracks, and under-welded grooves. Once defects are found, they will be repaired and shipped after reaching the technical standards required by customers.


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