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How to Choose Railway Track Manufacturers For Railway Project

The laying of railway track is related to the safety of railway driving, so the selection of railway track manufacturers needs to attract attention. At present, the level of rail track suppliers in the rail market is uneven, and the quality of the railway track material used is worrying. Once the customer chooses the railway track from this kind of railway track manufacturers, it will inevitably affect the engineering quality of the railway project. How to choose railway track manufacturers for your railway project? We need to consider from the following important aspects.

Price Factor Influence the Selection of Railway Track Manufacturers

Price Factor Influence the Selection of Railway Track Manufacturers

When we choose the rail track suppliers, the price often one of the most direct and sensitive factor. In some enterprises, purchasers will decide which railway equipment manufacturer to buy first according to the price. Some of the purchasers will ignore other factors (such as quality, service, etc.) and only consider the price of the railroad track provided by railway track manufacturers.

AGICO Railway suggest that you should consider a variety of factors rather than a single price factor when choosing a railway track suppliers. We have railroad track for sale at different prices to meet different budgetary needs of purchasers. Each grade of railway tracks can guarantee high quality and service, and will still ensure the quality of products even with low price. We are a quality railway track manufacturer. Our products not only have a price advantage, but also guarantee quality and service.

The Number of Railway Track Manufacturers Product Categories

The Number of Railway Track Manufacturers Product Categories

The railway equipment suppliers can produce a wide variety of rail tracks and all kinds of categories. For buyers, there are more choices and more convenient to one-stop shopping. If the railway equipment manufacturers can produce more kinds of railway track, it also shows that the railway equipment manufacturer production capacity is strong.

AGICO Railway has a complete range of railway fasteners. We support the production and delivery of more than 200 kinds of railway equipment, and there are more than 30 kinds of railway tracks. We can supply different standard railroad tracks, such as UIC860-o standard steel rail, BS11-1985 standard steel rail, American standard steel rail, JIS E 1103/1101 standard steel rail, Australian standard steel rail, etc. Rail track products of different specifications include crane rail, heavy rail, light rail and so on. We all have ready-made moulds for railroad tracks that have already been shipped. Follow-up customers can effectively save delivery time if they need to deliver rail tracks.

Rail Type Dimension (mm) Weight (kg/m)
A B C t
UIC54 54 70 159 16 54.43
UIC60 60 74.3 172 16. 60.21
BS60A 57.15 114.3 109.54 11.11 30.618
BS75A 61.91 128.59 114.3 12.7 37.455
ASCE60 60.32 107.95 107.95 12.3 29.76
ASCE136 74.61 185.74 152.4 17.46 67.41
JIS 37A 62.71 122.24 122.24 13.49 37.2
50 kg
70 154 127 15 50.8

Railway Track Quality Influence the Selection of Railway Track Manufacturers

The quality of railway track is undoubtedly an important consideration in the selection of railway track manufacturers. Railroad track with poor quality can not guarantee the safety of railway transportation, will lead to the failure of railway projects, thus causing serious losses. Rail quality problems may cause the train running irregularity and even cause the train derailment and overturn. So you must choose the rail track suppliers with guaranteed rail track quality.

The railroad tracks made by AGICO Railway are all certified by ISO9001 international quality management system. We have a systematic quality testing system, which can carry out more than 50 tests. Each kind of railway fasteners will have its own test items. So we can ensure the quality of our railway products.

Ability to Coordinate Various Tasks

Usually, the successful delivery of railway equipment depends on the good cooperation between the railway equipment suppliers and the purchase. The communication and coordination capabilities of the supplier team and the ability to solve unexpected problems are the key to the smooth progress of the order. Therefore, the supplier team needs to have rich experience in this field.

Our company has nearly 60 years of production experience in the railway equipment industry, and our team has nearly 20 years of experience in foreign trade delivery. Our production and delivery teams have mature experience to ensure the smooth progress of orders. We are a reliable railway track manufacturer for your railway project.

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