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Where to Buy High Quality Railroad Track Spikes?

A railroad track spike or a rail spike is a large nail with an offset head that is used to secure rails and base plates to the sleepers in track. As an important part of rail fastening system, rail spike is roughly chisel-shaped with a flat-edged point. On the construction of railroad, rail spikes are driven into the sleeper with the edge against the grain, which gives greater resistance to loosening. The main function of the track spike is to secure the rail in gauge. Broadly speaking, railroad track spike can provide a strong, simple and inexpensive solution to securing rail track.

railroad track spikes in railway

Professional manufacture of rail spikes and other rail fasteners

How to make the best choice from the many railroad track spike manufactures? It’s may be the first question that troubles consumers. There's no need for you to worry. AGICO GROUP is a professional manufacture and supplier of various types of rail track spike, rail joint bar, rail sleeper and other components for railroad construction. AGICO can supply a range of track spikes manufactured to international standards according to BS, ASTM, DIN and others.
After years of production, AGICO accumulates extensive experience in the rail industry and a high level of expertise in this specialized field. AGICO GROUP can produce any quantity, any size of railroad track spikes according to customers’ drawings or samples. We also offer a range of finishes including hot dipped galvanized, black, sherardized or self color for the budget conscious. The manufacture process ensures that the railway spike head and shank remain one solid piece of metal with no joins or welds.

rail spikes and other components

Applications of railroad track spikes

The rail track spike ranges in use in many countries from coal and gold mines to sugar plantations, peat works, garden festivals and leisure parks, as well as in some heavy rail applications. Our railway spike or railway spikes are manufactured in accordance with a number of international standards such as GB, AREMA or ASTM, BS, UIC material, in either carbon or stainless steel.

history of railroad track spikes

The material railroad track spikes

Railroad track spikes should be made of good, tough material, and the head would stand driving down upon the rail flange without breaking off. Both soft steel and wrought iron are used to produce railroad track spikes. The latter principally for the reason that old iron rails are still to some extent being worked up into spikes.

types of railroad track spike

The sizes of rail spikes

The standard size of rail spikes is 9/16 in. square and 5 or 5½ ins. long under the back of the head. For oak and other wood equally hard a length of 5 ins. is sufficient. The weight of a 5½ ×9/16× 9/16-in. rail spike is about ½ lb. The head is usually made oblong, about, 1 3/16 × 1½ ins., the underside of the same being inclined to correspond to the slope of the top side of the rail flange, which is usually 13 degrees. The standard spike point is wedge-shaped and its length varies from ¾ in. to 1¾ ins.. The exact length, within these limits, is unimportant, so long as it is sharp on the cutting edge and not too thinly drawn out. For hard wood a point about twice as long as the thickness of the track spike does very well. To strengthen the rail track spike against wear from the rail, in the neck (a spike so worn is said to be "goose-necked"), it is the practice with some roads to slightly enlarge the cross section just under the head. Such reinforcement should not be made to the front or wearing side, because it would then operate to bend the spike outward when the head is driven down to the rail, and should the rail spike work up it would stand clear of the rail or permit the rail to spread slightly. If the reinforcement is made to the sides it interferes with facility of claw-bar operation.

packaged railroad track spikes

Why choose AGICO GROUP?

In China, AGICO GROUP takes about 70% market in railroad industry, ranks No.1 in China State Railway Accessories Production System Competition. Appointed CRCC manufacturer for railway parts in China, qualified to bid for grant and medium rail projects. With approved license from China’s Railway Ministry. International Approach: With granted ISO9001-2000 certificate. Various product types and international standards are available with dies ready, such as AREMA, BS, GB, UIC and DIN. More than 50 export destinations in about 20 countries and areas. Long term partnership with CRCC and CCECC for overseas railroad building projects as rail fastener vendor. Signed cooperation agreements as rail track fastener vendor with 9 state rail corporations. Customized products are available according to drawings and technical requirements. If you want to buy high quality rail spikes, AGICO would be your best choice!
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