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Maintenance of The Third Rail for Electric Trains

Third rail for electric trains

Third Rail for Electric Trains

The third rail for electric trains, which is common in the third rail system, is the conductor rail system we introduced before. The third rail power supply system can be used for urban tram rail system, as well as high-speed rail and other railway power supply. The most important feature of urban tram rail system power supply is that most of them use DC power supply, while high-speed rail adopts AC power supply. This time, we will focus on the Metro third rail system in urban tram rail system, that is, the maintenance of third rail for electric trains.

The third rail for electric trains has a direct impact on the normal operation of the metro system. The metro third rail system is the only way to supply power to trams, and there is no other alternative. Therefore, once the third rail for electric trains breaks down, the tram operation will be hindered. This is a very serious accident for metro operation and needs to be resolutely prevented. It can be seen that the maintenance of the third rail for electric trains is very necessary in the daily operation of the metro.

Influence of Third Rail Power Receiving Mode on Maintenance Work

The third rail power receiving mode is divided into top contact, bottom contact and side contact. Commonly used are top contact and bottom contact. The maintenance methods of the two metro third rail systems are also different.

Top contact metro third rail

Generally, the advantages of the third rail system for bottom contact power receiving will be obvious. Because in winter, if the third rail for electric trains of the ground line receives power from the upper part, it will be affected by rain and snow. Especially in areas with more icy and snowy weather, ice and snow will accumulate on the upper power-receiving contact surface, which will affect operations. Therefore, there will be a protective cover on the third rail of the upper power-receiving rail. The protective cover is exposed to the wind, sun and rain every day. The material of the protective cover is generally plastic fiber products or glass fiber products, which need to be replaced regularly, which brings workload to daily maintenance.

Influence of Third Rail Material on Maintenance Work for Electric Trains

The material of the third rail for electric trains is generally steel aluminum composite material, which is lighter than steel, hard in texture, wear-resistant and good in conductivity. It is more suitable for the third rail which needs wear and good conductivity. Moreover, the general maintenance of this kind of material is more convenient, which can be satisfied by daily inspection. The third rail for electric trains produced by AGICO RAIL can reach the finished product quality of maintenance-free for 25 years, which has received a good evaluation in the Metro third rail project which has been put into operation. Of course, for the maintenance of the metro third rail system, the operating company can also choose phased maintenance according to the actual situation.

Third rail systems

The third tram rail used in the power supply system of the subway has the advantage of convenient maintenance, but it will be affected by the weather and other aspects. Therefore, the subway operator should make use of the characteristics of the third rail system and combine with its own actual situation to formulate the third rail maintenance scheme to ensure the safe operation of the subway system.

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